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Apr 30, 2014 08:51 PM

Cape Anne Fresh Catch this season

As a single person, I was never able to subscribe to the CSF because all the choices were too much fish for one person, so I really haven't paid attention to this organization in several years. Today I spoke to a friend who is a distribution volunteer at one of the pick-up locations. She told me that currently, they offer subscriptions as small as one pound of fillets as little as 4 times over the course of the 8 week season starting next week. There's the same option for 2 pounds of fillets but getting whole fish is still the most economical option. If you can handle 4-6 pounds, times 4 weeks that you can space out if you want, you will get the lowest price. You can get more weeks, but 4 is the minimum.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Grey and I noticed they now pick up points at Mass Eye and Ear and in Central Square. I can walk to those.

    In the past I shared a share with friends who had a car and did most of the pickups in return for learning to clean and prepare fish.

    But, this means my husband and I could have a share on our own.


    1. Great tip, I don't participate for the same reason, just too much food and not enough people to eat it. Plus, I try to avoid freezing it.

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        you know, they offer 1 lb fillet shares. This is just enough for 2 people, or you could split it and eat it over the weekend. We did CAFC for the first time this winter, and went for the lightest possible commitment...1lb, every other week. It was great.

        1. re: ChinaCat

          I was just going to mention this. I have wanted to do this for a while but the timing wasn't right and I was concerned about using that much fish. Not only do they offer 1 lb. shares but they also allow you to pick and choose which weeks of the 8 offered you want to get. You can choose as few as 4 weeks if you want to just try it out.

          I believe last year they delivered to Wilson Farm in Lexington but this year it's at Lexington Community Farm.

          1. re: Chris VR

            Yes, Lexington Community Farm aka Busa Farm, same as it has been all along. The increased flexibility is awesome.

            1. re: GretchenS

              Ah, ok. I would swear I saw signs at Wilson Farm last fall for Cape Ann pickup, but I must be mistaken.

      2. I took the plunge on a whole fish subscription. Though that's a lot for one person, the total of $88 for 4 deliveries totalling from 16-24 pounds of whole fish significantly beats the price of the fillet options.

        Today was the first pick-up (my others are weeks 3, 6, and 8). It was 6 whole flounders, each about one portion. I've cleaned fish before, but never THIS fresh.
        The natural mucus is really slippery! I like flounder dredged in seasoned flour, then sauteed. So nothing fancy for these little guys. Bagged 4 raw ones individually for freezing. The remaining one will be dinner tomorrow. It shouldn't be a problem eating the other 4 over the next 2 weeks. What IS a problem is that weekly trash collection is 10 hours before fish pick-up. Unless it's winter, that means having to keep the guts/heads/tails frozen until next Thursday's trash!

        Is the pinkish organ, shaped like a windsock, the liver, or roe? I've eaten it on occasion but it doesn't have much flavor.

        I'm not sure why they tell customers what boat caught their fish. The Catherine F, for the record. Seems a little precious. At least they didn't name my fish...."Today's order is the Fisher siblings: Fred, Foster, Francine, Fenwick, Frieda, and Florence." BTW, Frieda was yummy.

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        1. re: greygarious

          Cape Ann used to have some good instructions on their web site for how to clean and fillet the bone in fish. Not there now as far as I could find. Maybe you should call them about the part you can't identify.

          I agree this is a great price and would love to support the organization...I'm hoping for later on in the season. Maybe you could find a friend who'd love the heads and tails to make fish stock? I'd take them in a minute, I live in Somerville.

          I'm from NC and I love flounder dredged in fine-ground cornmeal. These little ones cook very fast.


          1. re: Madrid

            I'll make stock, too, when I have freezer space. I didn't know whether or not flounder is a good candidate. I posted on the gardening board last week offering the guts and trimmings to anyone who wanted them for fertilizer but had no takers. My contact info is in my profile if you want to pursue it.

            smtucker indicates downthread that the mystery part is roe. If that's the case, my sextuplets are all girls.

            1. re: greygarious

              Grey, I recently got some fish frames from Courthouse and most of them looked like flounder. The stock was very good and now a have a few pints in the freezer.

          2. re: greygarious

            For those of us who were the founding members, there were lots of instructions and tutorials for dealing with the whole fish. I found the flounder roe to be uninteresting. The boat name must be something new. And yes, it seems precious.

            1. re: greygarious

              YOU are funny!! thank you; i really needed that guffaw!

            2. We signed up for this Spring's 8 week period and picked up our first extra order of scallops on Tuesday. We will get our first week's regular order next Tuesday and then alternate weeks for the next eight. We'll get 2 pound fillets and intend to freeze one pound for the non-pick up weeks. It's worked quite well in the past so I have no qualms. We were one of the "founding members" as SMT mentions above and love supporting Fresh Catch while having the freshest local fish available.

              1. We have the 1 pound fillet share and got sand dabs this week, which I coated in panko and fried up. Deeeeeeeelicious!