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Apr 30, 2014 06:53 PM

one night in June

I'll be visiting DC to drop my son off at a DC college summer program and I'll have one night on my own. Sunday, June 15, 2014 flying out Monday morning.

Staying at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Washington, DC

Where should I eat?

What should I do with my one night in DC?

I will not have a car so that will probably limit my options.

Appreciate your suggestions

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  1. Go to Jaleo for Spanish tapas. Get the mini-hamburguesa made with iberico ham, the quail in rosemary sauce, spinach with raisins, and the patatas bravas. Great stuff.

    1. Any preference for food/cuisine/price/distance (walking, cabbing, metro)?

      It seems like you're coming from Boston. Maybe there's stuff that you don't want to eat here...

      As a frequent single dining glutton, I personally like to do tasting menus, so I can try more stuff. Do you want traditional app and entree/small plates/tasting menu?

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      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        I'm pretty much an omnivore.

        If there's any cuisine that's particularly native to the area that would be good (Is it too early for soft shell crabs?)

        Since I'll be dining solo I think I'd prefer to avoid the finer dining options (I won't be packing "nice" clothes) though price isn't necessarily a deterrent

        I don't know DC that well so don't want to spend my one night traveling too much but I'm open to walking,cabbing, metro if that's what makes the most sense

        1. re: bluerib

          Rasika does modern Indian really well, like as well as London and you can do a tasting menu.

          Jaleo, a Jose Andres tapas restaurant, also does tasting menu of tapas at different price points. His other restaurants, Zaytina and Oyamel, too offer tasting menus.

          Menu MBK is a farm to table place with tasting menu.

          Kapnos, a modern Greek restaurant by Mike Isabella, does a tasting menu.

          There's nothing really indigenous to DC that I would consider worth eating.

          Fiola, a high end Italian by Fabio Trabocchi, does a tasting menu.

          You can wear jeans and a collared shirt to any of these restaurants.

          1. re: bluerib

            No, it's not too early for softshell crabs.

            Native cuisine? Well, not necessarily super convenient to you. And not necessairly a 'nice' restaurant. Oohs and Aahs serves Coastal Carolina soul food. A dive. Looks awful, but my favorite meal in the area, and you cannot get this food where you live. Shrimp and grits - ask for the grilled vegetables, broiled crabcake (this takes a really long time, but is worth it), and lemon pepper wings. It's right by the U St./ Cardozo metro stop, if that helps.

            Tradiitonal, local cuisine includes longstanding communities of Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Korean, Salvadoran, and now Bolivian immigrants, but to get the good stuff, you'd have to travel.

            1. re: Steve

              Thanks for the suggestions.

              I've done a cursory look at this site and seen a few things that look interesting

              Oohhs & Aahhs sounds unique but is only open til 7 on Sundays. May be an issue.

              Little Serow closed on Sundays

              Thai Xing, Veggie only on Sundays, promising but I admit a fondness for meat.

              Jaleo looks really good as well Probably the current front runner.

          1. Is there something you are dying to try? Something you can't get back home? Price range? Vibe? Some more info would be helpful to know so we can point you in the right direction.

            Otherwise I would say try something DC has that most other places don't: Ethiopian (Etete), Jose Andres (I prefer Jaleo) or high-end Indian (Rasika).

            1. Since my one night in DC is coming up this weekend I thought I bump this thread up to see if anyone has anything new to add.

              Thanks again for your helpful ideas.