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Apr 30, 2014 06:52 PM

"FANCY" Chinese Cuisine, Markham - Sorry, Not At All!!

Touted by many local residents of Markham and Scarborough as one of the go-to destination for good Chinese 'wok-hay' cuisine. It has been a while since I last ate at this place. The main reason being, it is always packed and the wait, even with reservation, can be a pain, even on a week day!

With a social function to go to near the vicinity, my wife and I decided to have an early dinner at this 'hard to get in' place, before attending.

OMG! What a huge disappointment! The few dishes we ordered were not only mediocre and ordinary, the oyster dish, in particular, was plain BAD and unpalatable! This ' Fried Jumbo Oysters and Taro roots with black pepper honey sauce ' was so one dimensional in taste, it was swarmed with a sickening, excessively sweet and spicy hot sauce that was totally void of saltiness!! How the chef manage to create this disastrous taste profile of a dish and serve it to patrons is totally beyond me?! Other dishes like a simple stirred fry beef with Gai-Lan was executed poorly as well. The taste and meat texture due to heavy handed use of tenderizer was very pronounced and unappealing! Do not be deceived by how the food look in the photos!

Baring some unknown reason, I doubt if I will ever return. For the type of dishes we ordered, Richmond Hill has much better places. Judy's Cuisine or Emperor being just a couple.

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  1. This place used to be good but it's gone downhill a lot. Again a unfortunate case of a good restaurant being mismanaged and getting lazy, Rumour has it the kid of the owner is trying his hand at running a restaurant and obviously isn't doing a good job.

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    1. re: punkyhunky

      Nothing front of the house can do to the food quality if the kitchen staff are complacent, lacked the skill and drive!
      Obviously, no management in the restaurant bother tasting the food before approving and offering them to the patrons.

    2. Why would it still be packed if the food is mediocre? Is it that the prices are so low that people are choosing price of quality and taste?

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      1. re: foodyDudey

        Good question! May be because apart from Fung Lam Court, there's nothing close by? Also, the place is quite big and can seat lots of people.

        'Mandarin' is also always packed too! Was it because of their food? I doubt it?!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Hi Charles,

          I just saw I had a typo it's too late to edit it. I meant "price OVER quality but I think you figured that out. I don't eat at Mandarin, do Chinese people actually eat there? There is one just beside a place I visit on Woodbine Ave near John St, I'll check who is going in to eat next time I am up there... I thought it was for the rest of us.

          1. re: foodyDudey

            Mandarin is very popular with a wide ethnic base including Chinese, especially in areas with a high percentage in the population. The Mandarin on Woodbine would be one of these. My casual observation is that the customer base there is representative of the area. Everyone has their own standard for what is good or not. I would never suggest that people eat regularly at any place that they don't enjoy.

            1. re: foodyDudey

              Once in a while, Chinese families with children and elders do frequent it during festive seasons.,Though usually with silent protests from some foodie parents! Ha!!

        2. Fancy Chinese restaurant (Called Li Ka Sing in Chinese) is memorable because its Chinese name sounds similar to Li Ka-Shing, Asia's richest man. I've heard good reports about the restaurant's food and its limitations (very busy, poor parking, spotty service), but have never had a first hand experience. Not on my to-do list.

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          1. re: T Long

            I live in the area and was always curious why the parking lot is always jammed so we tried it one night a few months ago. If you do not have a reservation, you will not get a table.
            Surprisingly food was ok but not cheap. Set dinners where you get Peking duck, crab or fish. Then select your choices. Food was ok but not great. Restaurant was very busy so service was rather slow.
            We have not gone back since. But it is very popular.
            Can never figure out why the one at Market Village is so popular either.
            Lately, our go-to has been Maple Yip - but usually a weeknight.

            1. re: T Long

              You sent me down a 45 minute Wikipedia hole last night with that information. Thank you!

            2. That beef dish looks like an epic fail. I don't care for beef cooked in that manor at all

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              1. re: AubWah

                This Cantonese stirred fry rendition can taste awesome if the execution is right! Supposed to be sauteed with minced garlic, ginger and scallions and full of smokey 'wok-hay' flavor. Judy's Cuisine version is a fine yummy example..

              2. Charles, you need to start a restaurant review site with ratings in exclamation marks or Ha!s. I'd read it, for sure. I always enjoy your posts.

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                1. re: hal2010

                  Thank you!
                  If I do, it will upset 'YELP'! Ha!