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Apr 30, 2014 06:03 PM

Restaurant close to metro Bonaventure or Berri?

I'm meeting an old friend to catch up around a meal on Friday night, either around metro Berri or Bonaventure. I'm looking for a place not too noisy and not too expensive (ideally meals at 15-20$) while having decent food. No sushi or fast food, but aside from that, we're open to any type of cuisine.
Here's places we've been to and enjoyed but are too far from both metro: Stash café on St-Paul, Bistro Justine (which is closed I think?), Robin des bois.
Any suggestions? Many thanks!

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  1. Gado Gado near concordia and Phayathai are both really good nice asian restaurants (indonesian and thai respectively) (small, neat, really good food).