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Apr 30, 2014 05:39 PM

My Love for Marshmallow Fluff and Peanut Butter has never ended... last week I made a chocolate malt cake--I needed marshmallows to make a filling but I lazied out and when with Marshmallow Fluff. Granted, I hadn't had Fluff since I was pregnant with my youngest child--that was 24 years ago. However, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Fluff got me through three pregnancies--the cravings were epic.
As I kid, I loved Fluffernutter sandwiches a pregnant woman, I craved them as well. As an empty-nester watching my carbs, I just stuck a spoon into the peanut butter..then double-dipped into the fluff and just enjoyed myself.
Anyone got any food cravings that resurfaced in a slightly different way over the years? I'm nosey!

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  1. I've never had marshmallow fluff but that fluffernutter sandwich sounds good. I might have to try it. As for any food cravings that resurfaced…I don't think I ever lost any of my cravings…in fact acquired new ones. Never used to like chocolate chip cookies, but really love them now.

    1. I was obsessed with Korean kimchi when I was pregnant with my second, I think an extreme example of my general love for anything pickled. I second your love for Fluffernutters, I live in the Boston area and spent last night at work trying to convince a co-worker who's not from the area that he has to give them a try!

      1. Yes indeed. For some reason I crave hot dogs with sauerkraut and ketchup. Not sure why I'm regressing this way, but I thought I had graduated to mustard many many years ago, (and was staying there), but I guess not.

        1. Sixty years ago a boyfriend taught me to eat scrambled egg with mayonnaise sandwiches. Scrambled egg on untoasted bland white bread. Now I sprinkle red chili flakes on it or, a drizzle of hot sauce. Your chocolate cake with marshmallow filling reminded me that at our local Woolworths lunch counter, a footed plate always held a chocolate layer cake (4) iced with boiled icing which had a very marshmallow like texture. A glass dome covered it and when my mother let me have a piece with a glass of cold milk I was in heaven.

          1. I swear Jarona, you and I are sisters by a different mother. I had a lot of morning sickness with my second child and Fluffernutters went down easy, especially with a nice mug of hot chocolate.