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Apr 30, 2014 05:17 PM

Celebration Dinner in Connecticut

We're looking for a celebration destination in CT to meet for an 85th Birthday meal. Guests coming from all directions, so something central would be great. . . but classy and delicious are more important. Any ideas?

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  1. Luce in Middletown fits that description very nicely.

    As does La Tavola in Waterbury, but downstairs is quieter, and not sure if stairs would be an issue for your party:

    Both restaurants make their own desserts on the premises and serve OUTSTANDING food.

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        10, with 3 restaurant savvy older chldren

      2. Le Petit Cafe in Branford is a favorite celebration spot for many.

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          Second Le Petit Cafe. In the Hartford area, Bricco in West Hartford or Glastonbury would be great as well.

        2. Capital Grille in Hartford is a very classy comfortable space with very good food. I know steakhouses like CG and Morton's are not fashionable on Chowhound but CG does the genre proud. Admittedly, nothing terribly inventive but the steaks and the seafood are done very well and the ambiance is quite nice. One of our DCs left his glasses in his car and our waiter brought a selection of eyeglasses to the table (type you can get at CVS) for him. A nice touch, I thought. It is pricey though so check the menu before you commit. Let us know where you end up.

          1. Max chain is a good one, generally - Max Amore or Max Fish in Glastonbury would be good choices, also in Glastonbury J. Gilberts. Simsbury is not really central, but Millwrights has a beautiful space and amazing menu.

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              Second Max Fish--and I don't even love fish. We recently went for a birthday party in a private room. Their filet mignon is excellent. The seafood I did sample was outstanding.