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Apr 30, 2014 04:22 PM

Excellent Peruvian food in L.A.?

Just returned home from Portland, OR where we had superb "novo"Peruvian food at Andina restaurant. Everything was wonderful from the terrific pisco sours, to the amazing potato dishes, to the seafood, etc., etc. Is there any such beast in L.A.? The few Peruvian restaurants I've thus far tried in southern CA are more like simple home style Peruvian food, and nothing like the very upscale and wonderful Andina? Is there something you would recommend in L.A.?

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  1. A good place to start for what you describe might be Mo-Chica downtown or Picca in the West LA area. Both have the same owner I believe.

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      Picca is the only decent restaurant out of all 3 of his places. Avoid Mo-Chica and Paiche is overpriced crap.

      1. re: Johnny L

        I still like Picca very much. Definitely missing the OG Mo-Chica (and not a fan of everything I've been hearing about the new one), though I have a feeling I'll still try the it eventually since it's so close to work. I liked Paiche when I went during its first month, but yeah it is EXPENSIVE (not worth price of admission).

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          I don't think you've been back since Paiche augmented their portion size. That said, I'd probably still only go when they have their 20% off from 2:30 PM to 5 PM.

    2. I like Mo-Chica. Chef Ricardo Zarate does a good job with nuevo/upscale Peruvian. Fantastic take on tallarines con camarones

      1. Check out Paiche in Marina del Rey. Website:

        1. You're in OC. Go to Casa Inka.

          Get the (in order of must haves)

          -chupe camarones- shrimp soup. Their version is probably the best I've had outside Lima. And that includes the spots in Miami

          -arroz con mariscos- seafood rice. Excellent.

          -Pescado a lo macho- fish fillet topped with seafood in cream sauce

          Not fancy or upscale but the flavors are as good as any of the fancy and upscale places you're looking for.

          Trust me ;-)

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            Thanks, Porthos. Will definitely go to Casa Inka . Have you been to Andina in PDX? It's wonderful!!

          2. Beverly Hills is exactly what you're looking for.