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Apr 30, 2014 04:04 PM

Does D'floret have a prix fixe menu?

Looking for a place in that general area to go with 3 other women. I'd go to The Pass, but two of the women are unfortunately somewhat picky eaters. How about Brian's? I'm NOT a picky eater, and would really like to go somewhere that wows me!

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  1. Picky eaters should stick with Chili's.

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    1. re: coldbeer

      I totally agree with you, but they are my friends and I'M not going to Chili's!!

    2. Define "picky"...

      Brian's is great, with fairly traditional preparations and portions done very well, so it might fit the bill.

      Good, but not as good, Hamilton Grill offers pretty straightforward fare.

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      1. re: sadiefox

        By "picky" I mean that The Pass is too unusual for them. I'm thinking that Brian's is probably the place.

      2. There's nothing "unusual" about The Pass. Your picky lady friends will have their choice from three starters, three mains and three desserts. Their menu is posted on their web site each week.

        D'floret does NOT have a prix-fixe menu. The food there is quite good, but not of the quality of The Pass, despite the opinions of many Dennis Foy fans.