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Apr 30, 2014 03:44 PM

What's Your Favorite Healthy Dessert?

Okay, "healthy" can mean different things to different people, but I'm talking about desserts that have high nutritional value instead of all empty calories.

Chocopeanut Banana Pudding falls right smack into that category, and somebody needs to save me from eating any more of it for a week or so!

Anybody else have a favorite? And, are you willing to share your recipe for the good of humanity? Seriously, think of it as a public service!

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    1. i really like to grill fruit....brushed with a bit of balsamic.....and serve it over gelato. frozen yogurt or sorbet would be a bit healthier....

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        love grilled pineapple slices, fresh peach or apricot halves. - grill the apricot and fill with a bit of blue cheese, topped with a walnut half.

      2. I make a lot of healthy(ish) breakfast baked goods, so something like a quick bread/muffin with carrots and cranberries and a good amount of whole wheat flour with a bit of oatmeal and perhaps some walnuts is my vote. Or something with blueberries. This goes for cakes, too. I tend to try to get whole grains and a fruit or vegetable in there, with a lower amount of sugar, rather than just something that's sugar, butter, and white flour.

        1. +1 for banana soft serve (and the tons of variations, add other fruit, nut butter, etc)

          I love dates with a smear of almond butter for a simple dessert

          Coconut whipped cream is awesome, if you can find canned creamed coconut (ingredients should read coconut and nothing else) that's ideal. This post has great instructions:

          Homemade larabars are a great easy dessert ( there are a ton of recipes out there


          Have you ever made black bean brownies? They are damned good if you like fudgy brownies- i like them best with a darker chocolate chip

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            +1 for dates with almond butter. Put a dried mission fig inside and you have heaven. I don't know what happens when those three get together, but it's magical.

            CCKatie refused to post my comment, but I suggest upping the cocoa powder in the black bean brownie recipe and halving the baking soda. With those modifications I make black bean brownies at least once a month. Including today.

            1. re: guilty

              Who is CCKatie and why does she have control over your posts?

              I don't make the black bean brownies often since I'd rather have the real thing, only less frequently but I cut the sugar and add chopped dark chocolate to it. I don't like the texture of the black beans in the brownies but maybe I just need to puree it more.

              1. re: chowser

                I'm definitely making these- for the novelty factor as well as to mess with a chef I know who is always promoting the benefits of black beans. I'm going to make her guess what the secret ingredient is. I'll use good chocolate and I'm trying to cut the sugar these days.

                1. re: Berheenia

                  I think the bits of good dark chocolate melting in your mouth make all the difference in it. I also add instant espresso powder. It's just too cakey of a brownie for me.

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                  Chocolate covered katie is the name of the blog that i had linked with the recipe- most bloggers have to "approve" a comment before its posted....
                  Regardless the suggestions to improve the black bean brownies sound like a great idea to me

                    1. re: Ttrockwood

                      Thanks for explaining that for me!

              2. I'd probably say a big bowl of fruit salad.
                Or a broiled grapefruit.