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Apr 30, 2014 03:29 PM

All-clad: 12 inch tri-ply with lid or D5?

I can't decide. Please help me. Experiences with both would be great. I have an induction cook top.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't have induction, but if it's a choice of lid or no lid, go with the lid. I don't think there's enough difference in tri ply or D5 to give up a lid. I ordered an after market lid for my 12" tri ply and it's never fit as well as the lids that came with the pan. It's always handy to have a lid to contain spatters or hold something warm for a late comer.

    1. Although I cannot abide All-Clad handles, I strongly believe that in frypans, more aluminum is better. The pans that perform best on my induction range are either clad or disk bottom, so either pan should work well. The D5 seems to be SS-Al-SS-Al-SS. I'm not convinced this is a good plan, because it seems to me that extra layer of steel might just slow things down. The last thing you want in a frypan is slow response.

      On balance, with the 3-ply being of good thickness, I'd say go for the classic pan and enjoy the lid.

      Or consider Mauviel M'Cook or Zwilling Sensation, which both use a SS-AA-Al-AA-SS sandwich. The AA is aluminum alloy.