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Apr 30, 2014 02:35 PM


Where can I buy skirt steak in the Denver Metro area?

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  1. Most King Soopers carry it. I would call first.

    1. I buy it at Costco but I've seen it regularly at King Soopers.

      1. I prefer the outer skirt --buttery, marbled, tender. The inner skirt is more purplish, less marbled, and has a liver taste. Be sure the outer has been skinned and prepped well. Long plank, hot grill, chimichurri, good to go.

        1. Thanks y'all! Will check these out. Appreciate your help. I am from the east coast and have had a hard time finding this cut that I love so much. @Veggo, thanks for that tip!

          1. Veggo, where do you buy the outer skirt steaks?