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Apr 30, 2014 02:11 PM

Rare Earth Wine Bar (Glens Falls)

I thought I had read a post about Rare Earth Wine Bar but nothing came up when I did a search. My apologies if there is already an existing thread.

We went to Rare Earth Wine Bar (Glens Falls) after shopping in Queensbury recently. My first time, SO had been before.

Newer place. Doesn't look like they have a website so you'll have to look at their FaceBook page. The Yelp perspective:

We enjoyed our wine and food. Started with olives and bread. Goat cheese with black pepper was delicious. Also had gnocchi, SO had bone marrow and I had duck (they were out of my first choice).

This place just has a good vibe. Liked the ambience. Sat at a communal table. Service was friendly and relaxed. Probably not a good place if you're in a rush. Not so crazy about ordering on ipads (they ask if you want a paper menu). Like that they donate to different charities every month. Not sure how the servers feel about no tips. Hopefully their salary is higher to compensate.

Especially enjoyed "A Guy Goes into a Bar . . ." a Joe King book (2000) that was shaped liked a wine bottle. You'll need to make a visit to the powder room to see what I mean.

We will definitely return when we're near Glens Falls.

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  1. Went to Rare Earth Wine Bar recently. No more ipad ordering and servers now get tips. Service was good, relaxed. Same good vibe. Art covers the walls (also pictured on their web site). Communal (or large groups) table is in front near window, smaller tables border the long bar and are in front opposite the sofa. They also have a raw bar with oysters, etc. Now on to the food.

    We started with:

    Escargot. Delicious. All that butter and garlic.

    Cheese plate with goat and brie, Rock Hill breads, quince paste and olives. My description does not do justice to the lovely presentation.

    Assorted charcurterie plate. My dining companions enjoyed it and even took some home.

    For our mains we had:

    Quail - SO gave me a taste. I thought about ordering it but it had bacon in it.

    Duck - I had a taste of this. Very good. Wish I had ordered it.

    Pheasant - I had the pheasant. Two leg quarters. Probably would not order it again. Vegetables were my favorite part of the dish. Rare Earth vegetables are local and delicious. I might try a vegetarian dish next time.

    Will return when we're near Glens Falls.

    There is a post on Rare Earth in this thread (maybe the one I couldn't find last time I posted):