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Apr 30, 2014 02:08 PM

Burrito tortillas?

Looking for a bakery in LA that makes their own burrito-sized tortillas? Anyone know of one?

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  1. La Azteca in ELA. They make excellent tortillas

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      1. re: Ernie

        Went all the way over La Azteca today. Unfortunately they would not sell me any of there burrito sized tortillas. So annoying. They would only sell me small ones which are not big enough to wrap a burrito. Ended up driving around East LA looking for another option. Picked up a few different options, but nothing that looks too great. Oh well. How could it be so hard to find a good tortilla in Los Angeles?!

        1. re: brian j

          Damn that sucks considering they sell burritos.

      2. they got em @ Vallarta locations.

        1. If you might find yourself in Downey, Paramount or Santa Fe Springs, then Amapola Market should satisfy your request. Yelp the discussion for editorial input, but their tortillas are wonderful, based on my experience.

          And of course if looking to buy masa, it also answers that question.

          1. Try either Vallarta or Cardenas markets. Most have tortilleria in store. Google for location nearest you. They're all over.