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Apr 30, 2014 01:15 PM

Philly in July

I'll be at The Monaco for a weekend in July w/my sister + any lunch/dinner suggestions from fellow foodies would be much appreciated.

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  1. so many choices in Philly these days - some description of what types of cuisine or atmosphere you enjoy will help people steer you in the right direction

    the bar scene on top of the Monaco is a trip.

    lots of good places to eat in Old City right out your door

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      Looking for American cuisine; I live in NYC + have my favorite Italian, Chinese, etc. Something w/local flavor would be great, JT. I've not been to Philly in about 6 years + the places I frequented w/friends at that time I fear may be gonzo.

    2. a lot has changed in Philly in 6 years (I am a NYC expat and have gone between the two cities for a few times but have been settled in Philly for about 6 years now) - there is definitely more out there to choose from. Perhaps one of the F2T places would work well for you

      two places that may fit the bill for you and are near your hotel are




      or Fork's casual cousin

      High Street on Market

      or a bit farther away Farm and the Fisherman

      all of the above are committed to regional/artisan sourcing so they will definitely give you that local flavor

      the litany of Steven Starr restaurants are also fun but I always feel like I am being sold in them

      there is a lot more but those were some thoughts to start

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        WOW .. thank you SO much, JT!!!! Look forward to trying some or all of them!

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          And re: Steven Starr locations, my friends who lived there took me to them all the time, so the ones you mentioned are a very welcome relief!

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            That is a great list. I would throw a.Kitchen on that list as Eli Kulp has taken over the kitchen there along with Fork and High Market. Kulp was at Fonda del Sol and Del Posto in NY.

            Farm and Fishmerman owners used to work at Blue Hill at Stone Barn.

            Vedge (high end vegetarian), Zahav (Modern Israeli) , Vernick, deserve to be considered as well. And if you like ethnic food elevated, you might go to Tashan, which is modern Indian cuisine.

            One other that deserves mention is Peter Serpico's Serpicao. He was formerly at Momofuku Ko in NY has his own restaurant. I am not sure I would call it american but it definitely is not just asian fusion. Great food coming out of there. He partnered with Starr for this restaurant but doesnt feel like a Starr restaurant.

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              Thanks so much, CW!! Printing and taking with me.

            2. re: JTPhilly

              "I feel like I am being sold in them." I know exactly what you mean.

            3. The Monaco is on the western edge of Old City, so if you're heading east for lunch, you'll find plenty of great options. In addition to Fork and High Street on Market already mentioned, there's Revolution House at 2nd & Market, Victoria Freehouse on Front Street near Market, Sassafras on 2nd between Chestnut & Market, The Gaslight at Letitia & Market, Prime Stache on Chestnut between 2nd and Front, and Wedge + Fig on 3rd Street between Arch & Race. Since you'll be here on a weekend, most of these places will be serving brunch/lunch.

              A couple of my current favorite options for dinner outside of Old City are Jerry's Bar at 129 W Laurel Street, and Petruce et al. at 1121 Walnut Street. Jerry's Bar is a former "old man bar" that has been nicely renovated into a modern restaurant/pub. It's a bit too far to walk to from your hotel, but a fairly short cab ride to Northern Liberties. Petruce et al. is a walkable 6 blocks away.

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                Thank you very very much, Gina .. great information that I'm printing + taking with me!