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Apr 30, 2014 12:32 PM

Low-key pub in Brooklyn or Queens with great burgers and beer

Looking for a pub/tavern in the inner neighborhoods of Brooklyn or Queens (close to Manhattan) with the following, in order of importance:

-Great burger
Something that warrants a special trip by non-locals. Could be pub style, steakhouse style, fast food style, gourmet, whatever.

-Low-key atmosphere
I know this is a tough request, but are there any pubs that aren't going to be a raucous madhouse during the early evening hours (before 8pm) on a weekend night? Our group would like to actually converse a little and don't want to contend with obnoxiously loud frat/sorority types.

-Good craft beer selection
A small but quality list is fine; a more extensive list with unusual selections is obviously ideal.

-Classic pub decor
Dark and semi-divey with wooden booths would be great, but that's just one the very least, the place definitely shouldn't have garish decor and harsh lighting like some fast food joint. Also, I'm not really looking into restaurants that happen to serve a good burger since they don't have the pub-style decor that I'm seeking.

FYI I just posted a similar request in the Manhattan board, but am also asking here since I suspect I'm more likely to find what I'm seeking in the outer boroughs.

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    1. re: PHREDDY

      or donovan's in woodside, where i think the burgers are a touch better.

      1. re: debinqueens

        I like Donovan's, but wanted to try something new this time (should've mentioned this in my earlier post).

    2. I've never been to the Bayside location but it doesn't meet your "close to Manhattan" requirement anyway.

      I was going to recommend Donovan's in Woodside, but missed by a few minutes.

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      1. re: el jefe

        Actually it does. LIRR to Bayside station, then a 2 minute walk. About 25 minutes from Manhattan.

        1. re: PHREDDY

          Unfortunately, Bayside is too far from Manhattan for my group (not me personally). :(

      2. Here are some places I've looked into - I'd love to get feedback about these or any other spots you might recommend:

        -two8two in Cobble Hill
        Semi-newish place that looks promising. Has anyone been here?

        -Pete's Waterfront Ale House in Brooklyn Heights
        I've visited their Manhattan branch in the past, but it's always so loud and crowded; how's the food and scene at their location in Brooklyn? Also, I don't remember if their burger is great or just decent.

        -Korzo Burger in South Slope
        I've visited their East Village location, but it always has long waits. How's the Brooklyn branch in terms of food quality/crowd/decor? I've also heard that they serve a burger with a standard bun - is it as good as their regular burger with langos?

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        1. re: italianices

          If Korzo isnt too far for you, consider the Double Windsor on Prospect Park West (F train to 15th st/PPW). Great beer selection, excellent burger, and a vibe that i think hits what you want (its not quite divey but its very neighborhood-y and not trying too hard or particularly well lit)

          1. re: tex.s.toast

            Thanks, good suggestion. I'll look into it.

          2. re: italianices

            Brooklyn Waterfront is less noisy and burger is great with handcut fries as opposed to waffles in Manhattan.

            two8two burger is good not great imho

            1. re: italianices

              I'll put in a good word for Korzo. The burger is very good. Their Euroburger comes on a roll and then they've got a variety of deep fried versions. I actually prefer the one served on a bun.




              While it's not dead at all it doesn't get anywhere near as crazy as a regular Manhattan pub.

              Nice beer selection too.

              1. re: Bob Martinez

                Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback.

                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  So I finally tried the burger on a roll at Korzo in Brooklyn. I really enjoyed the bun: the exterior crust has a sturdy, crispy texture without being overwhelmingly bready. And the beef quality was as good as their Manhattan location, with bonus points for the South Slope space being much larger as well. All in all, I'd definitely say this was one of the top pub burgers I've had in NYC.

                  Too bad the East Village branch only serves its burgers on langos; while I enjoy it, I definitely prefer the bun that's available at the Brooklyn location.

                  1. re: italianices

                    I'm really glad you liked it. FWIW I can also recommend their goulash, the wurst platter, and their chicken paprikas.

                    Korzo is the original mothership which opened back in 2003. Since then they've gradually opened 3 satellite locations. I think these guys are on to something.

                    1. re: italianices

                      Husband and I have had a couple of great meals on the Korzo burgers made in the fried langos shell. They were absolutely delicious and rare as ordered. I was a little taken aback by the slight sweetness of the dough but the overall package was great and richly flavored.

                      Husband really liked the beer selection and professional service, and I appreciated the great russ'n (shandy) they made for me with weissbier and their fresh lemonade.

                2. Brooklyn Beet company sounded ideal except that it doesn't have booths- basically 2 large communal tables

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                  1. re: carfreeinla

                    Thanks, I'll keep it in mind for future reference.

                    1. re: italianices

                      I hadn't seen the Korzo suggestion when I posted. It is actually from the same group

                  2. Before I read all the responses first place that came to mind was Pete's waterfront ale house. Not too busy. Great selection of beers. Good, not great burger, but they have other good food options. One stop into brooklyn. If you are willing to look at places that don't do burgers, the Chip Shop is also a good place for a low key ale session but with fish and chips.

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