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Apr 30, 2014 11:51 AM

Good food near Hard Rock?

Staying at the Hard Rock for a wedding 5/2-5/5. Any recommendations for yummy restaurants within walking distance? Looking for good inexpensive for lunches/snacks/happy hours - maybe one more expensive nice meal and breakfast? Foodie. Don't need amazing atmosphere/scene - would rather have amazing food. Love hole in the wall types as long as the food is awesome. Suggestions?

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  1. Ferraro's is across the street and has some good Italian food. Prices are usually fairly expensive, but I noticed they have some reasonable lunch specials.

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    1. I enjoyed BOTH Mr. Lucky's 24/7 for breakfast AND Culinary Dropout for Brunch. They are in Hard Rock. Doesn't get closer.

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        Love that they're in hard rock! Will def. check these out. Thanks!

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          I have had mixed results at Mr. Lucky's, so order as simply as possible. They have an off-menu "$7.77" special of a small steak, three shrimp, mashed potatoes, and a salad. Their corned beef hash in a skillet was big chunks and terrible; simple eggs, hash browns welldone, and pancakes was ok.

          You should know that the Hard Rock does have an hourly shuttle during prime hours (10-5?) that drops off behind one of the big malls near Wynn/Encore. It used to be much more user-friendly -- dropping off and picking up also by the Forum shops and an intersection near NY/NY and Bally's. Every time I stay there, they claim they are planning to improve it....

          For a splurge that is reasonable check out the Cut of the Week special at Charlie Palmer Steak in Mandalay Bay. For $48 last time I checked, a salad dish, a cut (my week it was a ribeye), sides, dessert, AND unlimited wine. You can look up the menu for the week online.

          And if you are going to cab, make a friend or two and check out Lotus of Siam or Raku, two board favorites.

      2. Origins India is about a block away - pretty good indopak food

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          Yum. Thanks for the recommendation!

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            Origin India is on Groupon right now. $15 for $30.

          2. Any report from your trip? I was watching this post as I will be staying at the Hard Rock without a car and pondering my options. Slightly different from you, looking for good low to moderately priced (max $30 before drinks, tax, tip) dinners within walking distance. Any other recommendations in addition to the ones already listed? Ferraro's is highly recommended on this board, but I'm thrown by the fact that they charge tourist twice as much as locals. Has anyone tried the happy hour menu at Ferraro's? Is it any good?

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              Wanted to answer my own question just in case someone references this thread in the future. First, logistics. The Hard Rock Hotel is about a 20 minute walk to the strip or $10 cab ride. The walk was safe enough during the day, but I probably wouldn't do it at night as it does pass by a slightly questionable residential area. I ate at Ferraro's , Mon Ami Gabi, & Culinary Dropout. The food at Ferraro's was definitely a highlight. The happy hour menu available in the bar area provided more than enough options to put together a yummy dinner. The fettuccini alfredo was perfection and the caesar salad was a good counterpoint to the pasta's richness. Service at Ferraro's was off. You were given the distinct impression that if you were not a regular or big spender you weren't really welcome. I ate indoors at Mon Ami Gabi (no wait). The service was efficient and the food good. I ordered the fish special and while the details escape me at this point, I do remember the dish being well balanced texturally and flavor-wise. Culinary Dropout was convenient as it is in the HRH itself. Service was excellent. Staff was warm and really on the ball in regards to anticipating the guest's needs. I ordered the Crispy Shrimp Caesar Salad. Portion size is large with an abundant amount of shrimp. The table next to me had ordered the soft pretzels & fondue and I wish I had been bold enough to ask for a taste. It looked and smelled delicious, but not a dish I could have ordered as a single diner with a plane to catch.

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                Thanks for reporting back, SC. Sounds like you fared pretty well.