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May 2, 2004 10:24 AM

Briskets Montreal - any good?

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I just saw a resto/deli called Briskets Montreal listed on the Montreal Tourism site. Has anyone been there? How is the smoked meat, other food, ambience, service, etc. Do they serve beer? Are the prices reasonable? If it's worth going to, how do I get there by metro? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know about Briskets, but I would recommend Lester's on Bernard avenue.

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    1. re: Rachel

      I heartily second Lester's, I started a stampede a while back on this site by trashing Schwartz's, so I won't go there again... Briskets...ordinary sort of in the same league as Chenoy' suburban

      1. re: Daveyy

        Ditto on Lester's. If ya cannot get there have them deliver to your place. Brisket's was once good when it was located on Bishop street just across Cncordia's Hall Building( wasdoing my BSc in 84-87). Couple friends told me that it's smoked meat and brisket is now pretty much of the drop and heat type.

    2. Brisket's, in the early to late 80's was the best in Montreal, hands down. Bishop street is where i recall going with my father for the "old-fashioned". It had been statrted by an ex- Schwartz cook/smoked meat man who left when the greeks took over the place. I have not been in years. I have kinda left smoked meat for a once in a blue moon treat when I visit the family in Montreal and I usually go to Schwartz's.

      1. Ignore the naysayers. Schwartz's is the best smoked meat in Montreal.

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        1. re: rcianci

          Schwartz's "was" the best in MTL... They hang in there 'cause of their history. Good to have some honest competition around. The owner doesn't hang around and quality suffers. As I have said before... You may have to search for bad smoked meat in MTL....
          Lots of great places around, and you don't have to look very hard.

          1. re: jeffdmtl

            Sorry but I completely disagree. I've eaten at Schwartz's many times and have never seen any drop in quality. Also I have no interest in the pink rubbery industrial product that passes for smoked meat in some places. The meat at Schwartz's, aside from being excellent, still bears some passing resemblance to a brisket.

            1. re: rcianci

              Thats cool... I, personally didn't say that the quality has suffered... I'm just enjoying the on-going discussion and different peoples opinions and experiences. Again, just to say that Ol' Schwartz started it and is enjoying the honor of other folks attempting to knock them off the top. "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery"

        2. Schwartz's has really dropped tremendously in the past few years.
          It has been through so many hands and is now owned by a VERY absent owner that is a accountant.
          The employyees left alone have have become unruly and possibly win the award for the worst customer service in all of Montreal.
          With each visit it just seems to go down hill.
          I have changed to just doing take out once in awhile and even that is often uneven and disappointing.
          They will always have lineups because it is a instituion, but notice many of the long time regulars no longer frequent the place.
          I really wish they would get their act together.

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          1. re: InterFoodie

            Wow - I respect your opinion but your sentiments are rarely heard anywhere else. I have been eating at Schwartz's forever & their smoked meat today is the same as it was 10 years ago or 20 years ago. The last med-fat sandwich with fries I had tasted exactly the same as the one I had in July or the one I had last February, give or take a few spices. The "unruly" staff is part of Schwart's uniqueness & I've only been greeted with pleasantries whenever I walk in. IMHO, the Main is an ok alternative, but only when the line up across the street is too formidable and the weather sux. I still maintain that the s.m. at the Main is way pinkish & water-injected for my liking.

          2. How is The Main, across the street from Schwartz's, these days? I preferred it to the latter, but haven't been in a few yaers when I've been back in town.

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            1. re: mrbozo

              Next time you roll down the 401 into Quebec... Stay on 20E thru dorion etc. Remember the Dairy Queen on Ile. Perrot? Right behind is Smokemeat Pete's. Use the DQ's parking. It will knock a half hour off
              a good Smoked Meat jones for sure. CHOW!