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Apr 30, 2014 11:12 AM

study snacks for a crowd

Hi Hounds,
What suggestions might you have for a source of study break snacks for a very large crowd (a few hundred) of college-age students, preferably delivered, in Cambridge environs? They've done pizza (too messy in the library), burritos (which I guess went well but no one is raving), cupcakes (a hit, but just done last semester), and don't want to fall back on plain ol' cookies since there are a lot of those around this time of year. Cost is not a major issue, but we don't have bottomless pockets.

Donuts come to mind, although I don't know if Verna's can hit that volume. We'll call them. Italian pastries from . . . ? Any other brilliant ideas?


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  1. Did you try Union Sq donuts?

    Flour for sandwiches and pastries. KO pies for meat pies, sausage rolls, and vegetarian pies. I guess ice cream from Toscaninis would be too messy?

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    1. re: viperlush

      These and the brownies are super helpful, thank you. Ice cream, alas, in the library is a no-go, but it would certainly be popular!

      1. re: Splendid Spatula

        For some local Top Chef love, you could check with Stephanie Cmar's Stacked Donuts to see if she could fill an order that large.

        A variety of bagels (Rosenfeld's in Newton or even Bagelsaurus out of Cutty's in Brookline) with flavored cream cheese could be fun. Or see if you can get a bunch of Cutty's delicious sandwiches cut in quarters.

        1. re: bear

          I've seen Cutty's sandwiches done and it was quite successful!

      2. Brownies from Tatte? They're really rich and you can ask them to cut them into smaller strips.

        1. What about falafel or empanadas? More of a general idea than a specific source though.

          1. I'll bite.

            Dunkin is the only place that might be able to fill an order of 200 donuts but if pizza is "too messy" I'm sure jelly donuts and cream filled, flakey Italian pastries would be a disaster.

            Check out the catering options at Whole Foods. They deliver and I'm pretty sure they are willing to customize.

            1. Cookies from Lakota Bakery although I'm not sure about delivery. They are the opposite of "plain ol' cookies".

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