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Apr 30, 2014 07:33 AM

Shakshuka (Shakshouka) in Montreal

Does anyone know of Montreal establishments serving this wonderful North African/Middle Eastern dish?

(I made the David Lebovitz version the other day and it was amazing).

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  1. I know La Rose des Sables (a Tunisian byow on Beaubien) has it as a starter. It is actually North African, Tunisian mostly, and has become popular in Israel as made by Tunisian-Jewish Israelis.

    I've never thought to order it in a restaurant though, as it is easy (though some versions such as David Lebovitz's take some time to cook), cheap and very tasty. I like to make it with tiny (pee wee) eggs.

    1. Rumi has it on its brunch menu. Unfortunately, their website is currently down. As far as I know, they're still open ...

      1. Arts Cafe also has it on their menu:

        Never tried it, but it seems to be a popular dish whenever i go.

        1. Prohibition on Monkland has it on their brunch menu.

          1. Prohibition on Monkland, and Rumi in the Mile end , both for brunch. Mmmm I love this stuff!