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Apr 30, 2014 07:32 AM

To Hyang to Close 5/23; lost lease [San Francisco]

JiMi Liu of To Hyang, the incomparable family-run Korean restaurant that has been featured on both Bourdain and Zimmern's shows, posted this on Facebook last night:

"To all of our loyal customers, we are saddened to announce the closure of To Hyang. We have been unable to renew our lease. Our last dinner service will be on May 23rd, 2014. Please follow us on Facebook & Twitter (tohyangsf) for updates as we continue our search for a new location. Thank you for 6 years of support & love. We hope to keep our To Hyang dream alive so see you soon!"

I usually fly solo and concentrate on noodles, so I never got to To Hyang much, but where else could you order a bowl of noodles and get 11 little house made noshes on the side and maybe a hug from the chef for stopping by for $10.95?

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  1. Mugu Boka on Balboa. And their banchan is so fresh and delicious with excellent variety. Allmenus says their noodle soup is $8.95. I don't know if that's up to date.

    1. Their sauces are like no other. Their oxtail soup with Chinese dates is also excellent.

      1. Thanks for this post. Soupçon's the best!

        1. UPDATE -- To Hyang is CLOSED.

          Today To Hyang announced via Twitter:

          "We are closing as of today! Sorry folks. Too much stress is bad for my mommas heart so we've decided to close up shop!"

          If there is one woman who deserves a sabbatical, it is she!.