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Apr 30, 2014 07:26 AM

BYOW for a group of 12?

I am looking for suggestions for a BYOW in Montreal (Downtown, Plateau, Griffintown, Mile-End or elsewhere...) for a group 10 to 12.
Max 40-50$/person
I know O'Thym, À l'Os and a couple more, but it has been many years since I've visited such a restaurant. I am affraid I am outdated.

I am open to every suggestion. Thank you all!

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  1. We went to Les Infidèles with a group about the same size as yours a couple years ago and it was fine (both food and service).

    1. You can probably get away with a meal in your price range at P'tit Plateau (still my favourite BYOB). Smoking Vallee is another option.

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        Smoking Vallee has a good table for groups. But it isn't my favorite BYO and is in St. Henri.
        Maybe Les Heritiers would work?

      2. Lannes et Pacifique is the latest restaurant by the team behind Smoking Vallée, Les Héritiers etc, and just north of the Plateau/Mile End, or at the bottom of Little Italy. I haven't eaten there yet, but friends whose culinary judgement I respect have. Overall they liked it, but when they went soon after the opening, there were still a couple of rough edges.

        It fits your budget. There is one large, round table, but I don't know how many people it would accommodate - you'll have to check.