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Apr 30, 2014 06:49 AM

Madisons New York Bar & Grill in Boca

Tried to go to Houston's last night but it was packed (1 hour wait for 3 of us) and ended up at Madisons. I didn't tell DH that I had read a bad review so they (17 yr. old and DH) went in with no bias. DH ordered clam chowder (New Englander with picky taste when it comes to clam chowder) and DS ordered a salad (he wanted blue cheese crumbles but they only had feta??). Anyway, DH said the clam chowder had an unusual herb taste and didn't like it. I don't like clam chowder but tasted it and he was sure right - very unusual flavor and I liked it. DS took the soup and put hot sauce on it and said it was great. He and I had cheeseburgers with fries and both very good. DH had an end cut of prime rib and said it was the best he ever had. Cooked exactly right and very tasty. All in all we'll be returning.

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  1. Next time try the artichoke. It was fantastic. I've had a couple killer cocktails there too.

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      Went there last night at the request of our 17 yr. old (he says it's his favorite restaurant). I took Lettuce's advice and ordered the artichoke - it was wonderful but huge!!! I had a piece of the 3 cheese garlic bread and that it was it.
      The kid ordered the Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls (he and DH at them and absolutely loved them. Then they ordered the burger and the rigatoni bolognese from the $10 menu. Everything was really really good - we'll return for sure.

    2. We discovered Madison's in the same way, long wait at Houston's. I too love their prime rib!