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Apr 30, 2014 06:39 AM

Any more recent updates on Yucatan peninsula, especially Valladolid area?

I'm sorry that I'll only get 5 days in Playa del Carmen and Valladolid combined, and won't get to Merida, but want to make the best of a short trip.

There are wonderful postings about Playa del Carmen with many recs for food there, and thank you to those who've posted. It would be very helpful to me if there were more recs for Valladolid area. This will be our base for 2 of the days and nights.

When traveling we prefer to eat local cuisine, don't care if it's a street stall or really fancy, and just want to eat really good food. (I'm sure there are excellent restaurants for cuisines other than Mexican and Mayan but we want to stick with those cuisines.)

Thank you in advance if you do have any info!

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  1. We are here now and have eaten two meals at Taverna de los Frailes at the end of a lovely fascinating street called Calzada de los Frailes. There are many eateries along that street with the name Los Frailes so you could stop and eat at those if you prefer home grown, but the Taverna has a lovely menu of original Yucatan food for a very fair price in a lovely garden setting next to the Ex-Convento which is worth visiting. If you go, order the Chaya Creme Sopa, incredibly delicious! Or the pumpkin seed appetizer. Patrice y Ernesto de San Miguel de Allende,

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      If they are still making it, the Taverna serves up a wonderful passionfruit ice cream made from the passionfruit growing in their garden.

    2. Thank you. That will go one my to do list, along with the dishes you both recommend.

      1. Just returned last night. In Valladolid we dined at los Frailes and at Meson el Marques.

        The first night in Valladolid we had dinner at Taberna de los Frailes, and both my husband and I loved it. We ordered the Mayan greens/chaya greens soup and sopa de lima to start, for our main courses he had the local longaniza and I had the tikin xic (snapper in achiote and sour orange). We especailly enjoyed the mains. The portions were very generous so - sadly - we had no room for dessert...

        Our second night we had dinner at the restaurant at El Meson del Marques. (It was recommended by the owner of the place we stayed.) This was as good as los Frailes, maybe a bit better? The dishes we had here were excellent too: sopa de lima, gaucamole prepared table side to taste (the avocados were so good we had this almost everywhere!), chile rellenos and a local chicken dish that we can't remember the name of.