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Apr 29, 2014 11:01 PM

Dining Solo in NYC

I am heading to NYC for a long weekend in May. I am staying downtown on the Highline. I am looking for a couple dinner spots. I eat anything and enjoying eating at the bar of good restaurants. I often end up at Balthazar's for tartare. Already having sushi on Sat night. Any good suggestions for Fri and Sun?
During the day I am usually happy just stopping for a slice or two. And, on Sunday, I will probably head over to Smorgasburg - unless the Highline food options are just as good. Thoughts?

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  1. Bob Flay just opened a new place called Gato, why not check it out

    1. Any specific cuisine or food you're looking for?
      This previous thread has some good ideas for solo bar dining:

      Smorgasburg will have a larger variety of vendors than the highline, but its crazy busy so go on the early side to avoid long lines and vendors running out of what you want.
      Since you will be near chelsea market consider options there for lunch and snacks as well.

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        Thanks for the assistance. I went last year to Smorgasburg, got there before they opened and ate to my heart's content. And, yes, the lines got pretty crazy just as I was wrapping up.

        As for cuisines - I really like everything. Italian, French, Spanish, Asian (Vietnamese, Thai, etc.), Indian, etc. I will check out the link.

      2. I like Bubby's near the High Line. Single seating is not a problem. You won't feel uncomfortable.
        For pizza walk over to Keste on Bleecker St. Amazing pizza but no slices. They are not too big. Try the Burrata. You'll probably have some left over for a late night snack.

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          Thanks for the help - I will look up Bubby's and Keste. Yes, I love burrata!

        2. Chelsea an environs, I've dined solo at: Toro, Montmartre, Scarpetta,

          Soho: The Dutch, Balthazar, Raoul's, Blue RIbbon Brasserie