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Apr 29, 2014 10:46 PM

Garces alum opening restaurant in Chadds Ford

If it's the Big Fork location, that's a tough spot for whatever reason. We thought about making a Saturday reservation but have an out-of-town guest so decided to stick with tried and true.

Will be interested to hear if any of you visit in the next couple weeks.

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  1. Looking at the menu...

    WTF is a grilled stickie?

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    1. re: sal_acid

      Grilled stickie buns... grilled stickies are a Penn State tradition..

      1. re: cwdonald

        Ah. Thanks. That explains the "we are".

        I wonder how many times a day the server will have to explain it. Chadds Ford is a long way from State College.

    2. Thanks for the link. It's always good to have a new neighborhood BYO to try.

      I agree with you about the location. There have been several restaurants in that spot, and I don't know any that have left their mark in the area. That whole shopping center, as accessible as it is, is easily missed for some reason.

      So which "tried and true" did you end up at?

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      1. re: CindyJ

        Had a very good meal at Harry's Seafood. For a Saturday night, it was a lot less busy than we remembered. Service was almost too prompt. No time at all between appetizers and entrees. By the time we left at 9, the place was half empty -- I thought it stayed busy much later on a Saturday but I guess that crowd has moved on.

        1. re: Red Oakley

          I can't remember the last time I headed down to the Wilmington waterfront for ANY reason (except on my way to the train station). Too many better dining options between home and there, I guess.

          1. re: CindyJ

            Would love to have a recommendation for any place in SoChesCo that matches the variety and quality of Harry's for seafood! We love Big Fish in Concordville, but it's just not the same. Maybe we've just overlooked a great upscale seafood place closer to home. Do share!

            1. re: Red Oakley

              As far as I know, there really aren't any places that specialize in great seafood in this part of Chester County. That said, Sovana Bistro does a nice job with fish, and always has a seafood special on the menu.

              1. re: CindyJ

                Hey Cindy,

                The whole bronzino at Byrsa Bistro (when they have it) in Kennett is really good too.

                1. re: bluehensfan

                  I don't think I've ever had the bronzino there -- I'm a big fan of their lamb shank. And I love the service there.

                  1. re: CindyJ

                    The bronzino is really good...and a lot more filling than the lamb shank.

                    1. re: bluehensfan

                      I'll definitely try it next time I'm there. Thanks for the rec.

            2. re: CindyJ

              I can think of few (one) reasons to go to Wilmington proper for good food. I went to Harry's Seafood Grill after it opened and found it to be decent but pricy. Not much different than Deep Blue and if you frequent Philly a lot like I do there's not much reason to rush back. I'll stick with El Diablo!