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Apr 29, 2014 10:39 PM

Pienza and Vicinity: Cooking Classes, Dining

Hi 'Hounds!

My husband and I are going to Italy for the first time in a few weeks and have an ambitious itinerary. We're doing three nights in Pienza at an agriturismo and I am curious about eating around there, and if you CH folks have any cooking class or must-do recommendations in the region.

Mille grazie!

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  1. La Bandita recently opened a restaurant in Pienza that is supposed to be fantastic.

    There is also Dopolavoro, near La Foce, which I like a lot.

    Both of these spots are very stylish, modern takes on local ingredients and traditions.

    Then there is the brand new restaurant at Castiglione del Trinoro, Oreade. I haven't been to the restaurant yet, but the small village is worth the visit on it's own. It was written up today in the nytimes