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Apr 29, 2014 10:07 PM

Girls night in Victoria

I'm asking in behalf of my wife here and since I'm not too familiar with the Victoria scene here I am.
She's looking for a fun place for dinner in Victoria for this weekend. There will be 8 women in total - mostly in the mid - late 30's, and an 11 year old.
Looking for an establishment serving good food, a fun environment and drinks / wine list, and will accept a minor !
The Mint came to mind, but not sure if it would suit everyone taste buds.
I know they would like to start the evening at an oyster buck a shuck or something along the lines of a happy hour, and then off for dinner.
Any ideas ?

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  1. Victoria's not much of a 'happy hour' town. Having said that, you could start out with appetizers and a cocktail at a place like Veneto, then move on to dinner at a place like Brasserie L'Ecole or Little Jumbo.

    Stage in Fernwood is also a fun place but a hike from town (30 minutes).

    The Oyster right across from the Empress has a happy hour and good deals on oysters during said hour.

    Ferris's Oyster Bar is another fun place, though the food is not amazing. You could start downstairs with oysters and a drink, then make your way upstairs (to a related but separate restaurant) for dinner and cocktails.