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Apr 29, 2014 07:27 PM

10th Anniversary-Corduroy or Restaurant Eve?

Those are our two choices for our big night. Hubby is an adventurous eater, I am not. Would love your thoughts either way. Which is quieter/more romantic for two? (acknowledging neither is truly quiet on a Saturday night)

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  1. Corduroy is quiet but not romantic. Eve is romantic but not really quiet. Foodwise, they're comparable (even though Eve probably has a better reputation) and I believe Corduroy is quite a bit cheaper. Neither seems to update their online menu but I don't think Corduroy's menu changes much so....hope that gives you the info to make a decision.

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    1. re: Worldwide Diner

      That actually does help a lot, thanks! I will peruse the menus a bit.

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        I think the bar and bistro at Eve aren't exactly quiet, but the tasting room has never gotten loud except really late in the evening. It's quite cozy if you dine before 9pm.

    2. I think both are romantic I'd go with Corduroy for less adventurous.

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        It's a different type of romance. Corduroy is more quiet and modern where Eve has a traditional romantic feel.

      2. Actually Corduroy is a pretty quiet, serene restaurant (they don't play music---the chef is against that). It's been awhile since I've been to Corduroy (and even longer since I've been to Restaurant Eve....for my own 1 year anniversary, 7 years ago). But I've always found Corduroy to be consistently delicious and there should be something to please both your tastes.

        If you like scallops you should order them---Corduroy has the best scallops (regardless of preparation) I've ever had. And the lobster carpaccio is delicious if it's on the menu.

        Restaurant Eve is also a very lovely evening with good food. I just haven't been there in so long that I can't recommend it.