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Apr 29, 2014 06:16 PM

Master Chef Australia Starts May 5th

I can not wait. Just finishing My Kitchen Rules right now and MC NZ final is next week. The Au show has the highest production budget and is a huge hit: I hope it does not change the feel of the show this year. The judges are solid though, so I'm pretty confident it will stay true to past seasons.

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  1. Not back in Sydney until June - but assume they will still be doing the elimination rounds by then....?

    1. Yeah! I'm happy to see Kylie Kwong get a larger role on the show this year.

      After MC NZ did the pairs this year, I'm not 100% sure that I'd want to see that every season - but I have really enjoyed it. Not sure I'd necessarily want to see MC AU do the pairs....but I like it a lot more than ideas regarding battle of the sexes or what not.

      1. I just finished up MKR and was waiting for this season of MC AU to hit. I hope Matt Moran still has a prominent role.

        1. The first week of MC Aus just finished airing, so still early, but so far things are looking positive for this season after last year's abomination.

          Back to more of a focus on food rather than personalities and silliness like 'boys-versus-girls.'

          Top 50 elimination is back (though shortened to two episodes) but Matt Moran does not have a role.

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          1. re: jimonyc

            Very happy to see the silliness of boys-versus girls gone. While I've always enjoyed Masterchef AU's lack of super aggressive personalities, they seem to be tipping a bit far over into the weepy characters. I don't think it needs to be balanced out by villains, but for some reason stories of "food dreams" and folks doing this inspired due to personal illness or an ill family member feel a bit heavier this year.

            One of the great things of Masterchef NZ this year with partners is that the personal stories were far less weepy or mopey.

            1. re: cresyd

              Agree with all of that. Once it dwindles down to the top 10 or so it should calm down a bit as they can only tell their story so many times.

              1. re: chris2269

                Yeah - I think also that because I just finished Masterchef NZ, going back to the weepy intros is always a tiresome transition.

            2. re: jimonyc

              And just when you thought it was safe - Thursday is a special that will focus on the contestant profiles - expect extra helping of weepy back-stories and less about food.

            3. I don't know about you, but I was kind of turned off by the 'new format' that they appear to have adapted from Masterchef US...i.e. the auditions. I don't recall seeing auditions in the previous seasons of this show.

              Usually it just starts off with the Top 50 and straight to skills/invention tests to whittle out the moops.

              But past that now, I'm hoping it will liven up.

              Mark my words, watch Ben Macdonald FTW.

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              1. re: Novelli

                Last season there was no top 50 or audition to the best of my recollection, so if anything this audition (which was similar to how Masterchef NZ did the auditions this year) was a bit of a hybrid of Top 50 week and nothing.

                1. re: Novelli

                  Still early days (we're only up to ep. 7, after all), so not a large sample size of dishes cooked by the contestants, but Ben is showing some of the intangibles that may help him navigate the competition successfully. Some clues:

                  Adam Liaw's observation that he couldn't tell what Ben was cooking in the first mystery box because Ben's bench was so clean and organized as he was cooking.

                  Ben's intelligent running commentary on how to get through the 'name that Chinese ingredient' challenge unscathed.

                  I would throw Emelia (the panna cotta queen) into the mix.

                  But again, early days.