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Apr 29, 2014 04:55 PM

What's for Dinner #295 - The Crazy Weather Edition [through May 4, 2014]

Rain here in the Northeast and elsewhere across the country, with some snow WAY up in northern New England; tornadoes throughout the South and Southeast, some crazy heat showing up in CA and southern TX this week....the weather is going bonkers!

Hopefully, we're still all having some good eats - what's cooking?

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  1. As for me, I had leftover hamburger stroganoff. Will be making some chicken salad for the next few days' work lunches in a little bit - chopped chicken, celery, walnuts, dried cranberries, mayo, salt and pepper - probably Aleppo pepper. I will bring a bag of chips to work as well.

    1. Crazy weather indeed! Here in Northern New Mexico, we've had everything from snow to hail to sudden wind storms that whip up so much dirt the sky turns brown and City workers run around clearing tree branches out of the streets. The weather has been changing every hour or so. Right now it's chilly and gusty, but at least it's sunny. I'm just hoping it doesn't freeze and kill all the baby apricots and crabapples I hope to eat this summer!

      Today's my Friday and it's been a long week, so it's Breakfast for Dinner. I'm thinking sort of a potato hash with fresh sage and spring onion. Fried eggs on top. Homemade turkey-apple sausage patty on the side. Buttered toast. Maybe some fruit (I have pears and strawberries that need eating). Some fancy chocolate my sister sent me for my birthday for dessert.

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      1. re: BananaBirkLarsen

        That's a great Breakfast for Dinner, BBL! (And happy belated birthday!)

        1. re: LindaWhit

          Thanks LW! In my opinion, most Breakfasts for Dinner are pretty damn good. This one did turn out particularly well though.

      2. Can't believe I was wearing a down coat today!

        We had BBQ chicken meatloaf for dinner with roasted red potatoes and roasted string beans. Was tasty!

        1. Definitely cray crazy weather! Was just pouring down just now. WFD here is traditional Vietnamese banh mi and with some seasoned fries being dipped in some shrimp sauce aka white sauce aka yum yum sauce from our restaurant.

          1. Yes to the crazy weather. When I crank my oven to 500 it must be cold! If this keeps up we will have calzones for dinner tomorrow.