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Apr 29, 2014 04:10 PM

K-zo or Sushi Sushi for omakase?

I was thinking of getting omakase to celebrate Mother's Day. Which do you recommend for omakase? K-zo in Culver City, or Sushi Sushi in Beverly Hills?
I believe their prices are roughly the same (Under $100 per person).
What about taste? Quality? Quantity? Service? Atmosphere?
We don't want a place that is too cramped or has a long wait

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  1. Easy. Sushi sushi from what I hear.

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    1. re: kevin

      I would dissent from kevin and go with K-Zo. Though both are good I have had more consistency (not mention variety) with K-Zo.

    2. I've been to neither but my impression was that Sushi Sushi is more expensive than K-Zo.

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      1. re: TheOffalo

        And more traditional.

        But if you can expand your parochial parameters i would say hit up Shunji's or Mori if you are going to drop the dough.

        But if I'm not mistaken Kzo is much cheaper than Sushi Sushi. The Offalo is correct on that note.

        But even then compare these random two is like comparing the proverbial apples to oranges, or is it oranges to apples ????????

        Who knows ????????

        But you surely catch my drift.

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          I have been to both and do not remember price being very different. Of two visits to sushi sush,i one was great another not so. K-Zo is solid.

        2. Wife is Japanese and been to Japan more times than I can count...

          1. Sushi Zo
          2. Shunji
          3. Sushi Sushi
          4. Sasabune

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          1. re: m3tan

            Is that first portion included so we take you more seriously?

            I'm totally cool with your opinions even if you only put down your list of faves.

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              But Zo better than Shunji or is the list in no particular order ??????

            2. i'm partial to sushi sushi but do be aware the prices are for a single piece. the sushi will be top notch, but i would also suggest that the experience will be improved for the patron who respects the cultural sensibilities, which is possible to do even if you are not and do not speak japanese. sushi sushi is a relatively small shop, reservations are recommended.