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Apr 29, 2014 03:48 PM

Place to watch Blazers

We're visiting Portland and my son-in-law is a Blazers fan. I'd like to find a good brew pub where he can watch the game tomorrow night. He's a connoisseur of good beer and brews his own. Good food would be a great plus.
Thanks for any help.

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  1. Deschutes Brewing in the Pearl District

    1. Claudia's on 30th and Hawthorne. Good burgers and pizza. It's a dive bar but clean, and the food is above quality of a typical sports bar.

      1. Bazi Bierbrasserie off SE Hawthorne
        East Bank on SE Burnside
        The Hutch on NE Glisan
        A & L Sports Bar NE Glisan
        Goodfoot Pub on SE Stark
        The Back Stage Bar off SE Hawthorne
        Top two are best for food.
        None are brewpubs but all have a great selection of taps.
        Migration on NE Glisan (hot street!) is a brewpub but last time I went there for a game they kept the sound off, which is a deal killer for me.

        1. Saraveza has awesome beer and the game will be on.

          Alberta Street Pub has pretty good food and a really good taplist and wil have the game on.

          Nepo 42 as well.

          1. Nick's on SE Hawthorne.