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Apr 29, 2014 02:22 PM

Any good fresh veal stock available in Manhattan or the Bronx?

I would make it but I dont have a large enough pot (still waiting for a nice thick copper one to pop up on ebay). I believe Citerella has it but their's appears to be a demi-glace (are they interchangeable in recipes?). I'll be stopping by Union Square later this week so it would be great if any can be found around there.

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  1. I was going to suggest Citarella but you already know. I wouldnt think that stock and demi-glace are exactly interchangeable, but since demi-glace is veal stock and sauce espagnole reduced, if you just added water that might work. It'd be tasty, anyway :-) Just a thought.

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    1. re: gavspen

      yeah...what confused me was how Citerella lists veal stock as follows:
      This rich brown sauce - also called demi-glace - is the basis for beef, veal, game & poultry gravies

      Are they selling stock or demi-glace? Probably demi-glace as they describe it as a rich sauce.

      1. re: GOJIRA

        It's demi glace. And extremely delicious I might add.

        1. re: gavspen

          Weird that they would describe it in such a manner.....