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Apr 29, 2014 02:13 PM


Where in Philadelphia can I purchase ramps?

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  1. Fair Foodstand in the RTM is the best place. I purchased some from Mostly Mushrooms at the Doylestown farmers market,.

    1. Also Green Aisle Grocery has had them - and the headhouse market starts this weekend so perhaps there...

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        Thank you for the heads up Bigley. I can walk to Green Aisle

      2. Ramps were $23.99 a pound at Nonesuch Farms in Buckingham, PA today. They also had the season's first asparagus ($4.00/lb.).

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        1. re: famdoc

          Do you know where Nonesuch sources their Ramps FamDoc? I wonder if they get them from Mostly Mushrooms...

        2. Culton Organics had them for $19/lb today at Headhouse. I think they have been similarly priced at Whole Foods recently.

          1. First time l had ramps was in West Virginia when there for a medical rotation in the 70's. You would buy them by the side of the road in brown huge shopping bags with dirt still on the roots for $3 per bag, netted about 15 pounds of cleaned ramps per bag. Times do change.

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              Classic West Virginia ramp story. We lived there in the '70s and Comstock was already in the state pantheon for that prank.