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Apr 29, 2014 02:03 PM

Anyone ever use perforated tart rings? Do you think the holes would really lead to more uniform browning?

Saw these at the restaurant supply store. They are Debuyer and were made in collaboration with Valrhona and im wondering if I should buy them or just go for regular rings.

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  1. I haven't used them but have read quite a bit about the pie pans. One theory is that the pie crust is cooked by the steam between the pan and the crust and the holes allow steam to escape and is cooling to the crust and leaves under cooked polka dots. I have seen a picture of this but cannot find it. You really can't find any pictures of the bottom of the crust with these pans. Some online reviewers swear by them. Cooks Illustrated did not find them to make much difference. I have seen commercially baked bread baked on perforated pans with brown dots but that is a different animal. With such a wide range of experiences, results most likely depend on your recipe, how you mix your crust and your oven. It might make a difference in how many holes are in the pan. My pans work well so I have never wanted to change what I have.

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      Yeah, I heard there were issues with perforated pie pans. Apparently the sides browned wonderfully but the bottom of the crust didn't fair as well and end up soggy. Probably has to do with the pockets of butter that you get in pie crust melting through the holes. As tart rings do not have a bottom, im thinking it would work well in this instance. Plus tarts use either a pate brisee or sucree which dont really have pockets of butter to worry about.

      My guess is the holes act similarly to docking a pie crust. Like you said, it allows the steam to escape.

      Well I decided that this would only lead to more speculating so I splurged on the mini tart rings. They were costly at $70 for 6 rings versus $25 for 6 regular ring molds my restaurant supply store sells. They were back ordered and will be available at the store in 2 weeks. If I like them I'll probably get a larger 8" version for a bigger tart.