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Apr 29, 2014 01:45 PM

molina in mill valley

wondering if anyone has been and if so what their experience was like?

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  1. I stopped by there last week, having been following Todd Shoberg's feed on Instagram - he looks like he's really trying to break Mill Valley out of a pretty tired mold.

    Unfortunately, though there was a table available, the noise level was so loud, that I decided to abandon and try it another night. They've added more tables than the previous Small Shed Flatbreads had, and it's just deafening in there on a busy night.

    Too bad, as the menu and food looked good, so I'm interested to hear if anyone else has had success with this. I may have to return at some very early hour to avoid the noise I suppose...

        1. I rave about it to everyone I know (Bauer is right)! Finally someone doing something fabulous in Marin (other than Picco and Sir & Star). I love everything that Todd puts up. Exciting flavors, unusual parings, and I love the atmosphere. I haven't had trouble with noise. Maybe avoid weekends? If you are a party of 2, sit at the chef's counter to see all the action. It's pretty amazing what those guys are able to achieve with just a 1000 degree wood-fired oven.