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Apr 29, 2014 01:24 PM

Wheelchair Friendly Restaurants

I'm looking for some wheelchair friendly restaurants in East End Toronto or western Scarborough to take my mom out for a meal.

Food should be fresh and tasty, I don't require fancy dining, but suggestions of upper scale places are certainly welcome.

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  1. I am fairly certain that Rally is wheelchair accessible, although I wold call to be certain and to make a reservation with this in mind. Some of their seating is up a half flight of stairs but the majority is on one level as is the washroom.

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    1. I think the wren is. A lip at the door and washrooms on the main floor.

      1. Greek Grill, Pape & O'Connor, also features on-site parking if that is useful. I'll give it tasty and quick, not upscale. It is sort of east. Where does Scarborough actually start?!?

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        1. Globe Bistro at Broadview and Danforth has a wheelchair accessible washroom on the main floor.

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              Does anyone know if the new fratelli is wheelchair accessible? That would probably be good if it is. I haven't been there yet.