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Apr 29, 2014 12:20 PM

Any reason why McDonald's online nutrition calculator is missing the totals for SUGAR??

So, recently my 5y.o. was brought to have her first Happy Meal(TM) by a well-meaning friend... and she came back more irritable later in the day (in fact, she had a crying fit and then fell asleep late afternoon and through the night, missing dinner entirely).

Curious about whether the sugar content might have been the culprit (as I hear from other parents), I went to McDonald's website to look up the nutritional info of the meal she had.

The user interface was friendly and kind of fun to use. I could select foods to add to my tray, and then at the end, go to "my tray" and see the total nutritional values of my selected items. Total amounts such as calories, carbs, fat, sodium, protein were conveniently calculated for me.. but SUGAR was blatantly missing.

In the end, I had to click "more info" of each item to expand it, look up the sugar amount within the whole page of info, then add up the values by hand (and that is when I learned that my little one had a whopping 98g of sugar in a single meal on that day).

Any good reasons why sugar was left out of this "full nutritional summary" (as mentioned at the top of the page) ;-)

BTW this is at but I suspect that it is similar in the States.

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  1. I'd definitely fire off an e-mail to TPTB @ McD's Canada - on the US-based site, "My Meal Builder" provides the sugars on the same display as the other values.

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    1. re: mcsheridan

      Oh, you are right. I am surprised there is this discrepancy between these two.

    2. Are you sure about 98g of sugar? The highest sugar I can come up with for a Happy meal is 44g. That's the Chicken McNuggets with Honey as the dipping sauce, adding the ketchup packet to the fries and swapping the milk for a child sized soft drink. Changing the drink to a large gets it to 92g. And as mcsheridan said, it's front & center on the US Meal Builder site.

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        I'll double check when I have time.. or someone can. Anyone interested can take a look. Attached are the screenshots of the displayed info on the meal - There is a strawberry sundae, along with the Happy Meal - chocolate milk, a small juice, a small yogurt, as well as fries and nuggets. Not the best choices, I know.

        EDIT: Oh, wait.. She didn't have the chocolate milk, we only talked about it, sorry. So the total sugar amount would be 72g instead. But as you can see, there is no calculation of sugar in the totals. That is in fact the number one thing I am looking at these days.

        1. re: vil

          If your kid consumes a strawberry sundae, fruit juice and a yogurt (presumably with something sweet added), you're gonna get sugar. The fact that McDonald's was the conduit is merely incidental.

            1. re: vil

              The answer to your "???" is, don't blame McDonalds. Sugar is virtually everywhere.

              1. re: carolinadawg

                What I meant is, my only question I wanted to ask, as reflected in the title and in the OP was:

                "Any reason why McD's online nutrition calculator (on is missing the totals for sugar?"

                So, while I appreciate any well-intending reminders on things that I might be aware of already, I am not sure what that has to do with my initial question.

                1. re: vil

                  There's much more in the totality of your post, both directly stated and implied, than what you asked in the title. I think that is what people are responding to. And I don't think that's unfair or out of bounds.