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Apr 29, 2014 11:44 AM

live trouts in chicago

Hi, I am thinking about making poached trouts (Truite au Bleu). I heard that you need a really really fresh or even live trouts for this because you need the slime covering the fish to react with acid in order for the skin to turn blue, which is kinda of the point of Truite au Bleu, and the more the fish is handled the more likely they lose this slime on the skin.

Anyways. I know it's kinda specific, but does anyone know where I can procure live trouts in Chicago area? or places that might have a tank of trouts or sell really fresh ones.

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  1. These discussions name the best fishmongers in Chicago, where you'll find the very freshest fish:

    1. Perhaps not for trout, but in general, in my experience, Asian markets (e.g., H Mart, Mitsuwa) are more likely to have live fish than some of the other fishmongers. Of the more traditional seafood shops, my favorite is Dirk's, so I might call there, ask for Dirk, explain your request, and see what he might be able to arrange.

      1. Don't know for sure but Jewel grocery stores used to have a tank of live trout in the fish area. Have not been in one for years.

        1. Thanks. I will be making some calls to see what they have.