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Apr 29, 2014 11:43 AM

Coffee Machine Cuisine

We'd had a discussion a while back about how to cook for yourself while on the road. I'm not sure whether this is a helpful addition (so many things to make in a coffee pot!) or a bad thing (other, slightly demented travelers may have also been cooking with the hotel coffee pot!), but it's definitely funny:

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  1. Unfortunately the upshot of this is that the coffee maker in a hotel room is likely to be treif!

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    1. re: zsero

      Right. But I assume they wash the carafes in a dishwasher in any case. A small hot pot is probably a good purchase for a frequent traveler.

    2. Um, this is a gag. The article, the blog, the idea - are an elaborate joke with instructions intended to be read, not followed.

      Which is not to say that someone couldn't treif up your hotel room coffee maker, or that, as Gila suggests, a hungry kosher traveler mightn't , say, heat instant noodles with the hot water. Just, people aren't actually doing this.

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      1. re: AdinaA

        I know. I just think it's funny, how the idea we were batting around seriously a while back has now been taken to a logical extreme.

        1. re: GilaB

          When I saw a picture of someone making a quesadilla using an iron my first thought was, "now if I did that, wouldn't it make the iron milchig?"

      2. Of course, posters on this board are in a special category of people who do regularly cook - or eat tinned food - in hotel rooms.