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Apr 29, 2014 08:27 AM

Lunch in Dixon, CA area

We are visiting Dixon National Cemetery. Would like recommendations for lunch in surrounding area. Thanks.

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  1. I can't make any specific recommendations in Dixon (it's rather a small town), but heading east toward Sacramento the next larger town is Davis and there are a lot of choices there. Heading west towards San Francisco the next larger town is Vacaville.

    You can search this board for recent topics for either of those locations.

    It would also help if you could give more information about the kind of food you like, how many people, casual vs. more formal and price range.

    1. When driving from Sac to Napa we have stopped at

      - I'm not sure what you're after but there's also a Cattleman's

      1. This is a really tough question. The area has a fairly low population, and there is not much going on.

        1. Thanks to you who replied. I realize this was not an easy request due to the area. I purposefully did not place any constraints on my request as I know it would only limit possible suggestions. Our small group of 5 eat and like most foods and enjoy trying most foods- at least once!

          1. When in doubt, fall back on Trip Advisor:

            Recently had two trips to Calexio and was disappointed with the Chowhound recs so we fell back on Applebys next door and it actually had a surprising and tasty under 500 calorie entree.

            Nothing wrong with exploring the chains from time to time when out in the vast culinary wastelands because they all have a few credible menu items, even if it is a classic American breakfast ….for dinner.