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Business lunch near Oak Hill...not Jack Allen's?

I'm looking for a place to bring clients for lunch. They are near the Y at Oak Hill and we would want to stay within a 10-15 minute radius. Love Jack Allen's, but we've been there a bunch of times. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks so much!

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  1. Austin Pizza Garden
    Flores Mexican

    1. How about Cafe Malta? Sometimes it is really, really good, sometimes it misses, but I think it would work for a business lunch. Cypress Grill might be good - and there is a decent Japanese place in the same center - Yanagi.

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        Second the Cafe Malta suggestion. Or Yanagi if you've got sushi-eaters.

      2. Hyde Park? It's not bad and is reasonably priced.

        1. Haven't been since i moved out of that hood, but maybe Satellite on escarpment. I used to like the dinners

          1. nanami on brodie between william cannon and slaughter (i like it better than yanagi)

            1. is that italian place still around there? Veronoas

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                yes. ive never been there for lunch but we like it for dinner

              2. The Flipnotics space is really good. Before the Y coming from Austin, beyond the big trees to the left.

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                  Didn't know that was there, rudeboy...good to know!

                2. Hecho en Mexico on Wm Cannon. cannot say enough good things, but only if your clients appreciate what they are seeing. its a strip mall so ambiance is not the deal here. the deal here is the food. and the tequilas. and the expertise of the staff. and sometimes the music. holy cow what a place. I've been eating Mexican food a long time and this is just terrific. try the trio of moles with a Bohemia and a tequila you've never heard of...

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                    Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely hit that up. You had me at "trio of moles."

                  2. Enoteca on S Congress. not exactly near the Y but accessible from there. all time favorite in my home town.