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Apr 29, 2014 07:39 AM

Pregnant mama in search of chocolate-based peanut butter ice cream

Hi chowhound experts - I am pregnant and trying to find chocolate-based peanut butter cup ice cream to fix a craving. My friend suggested I post here - would really welcome suggestions. Work in Cambridge, live in Needham and will to drive wherever!
Thanks All!

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  1. I won't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure I've seen that at Kimball Farm.

    1. Crescent Ridge sells this, it's a chocolate ice cream with ribbons of peanut butter fudge. We get it through home delivery but they also sell it at their stand in Sharon. (although our current obsession is their Graham Central Station flavor, which is graham cracker ice cream with these chocolate honeycomb bits. S'mores in a cup!)

      Cambridge is an area they deliver to, not that you'd want to commit to something like this just for ice cream but especially with a little one on the way, you might be interested in home delivery as a way to make life easier. They deliver all the standard dairy stuff but also frozen meats, breads, pizzas, prepared meals, and even have a veggie CSA. Their lemonade is particularly nice.

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        Ditto for Crescent Ridge delivery - highly recommended!

        1. re: Chris VR

          Do they have Graham Central Station now? My husband is also obsessed with that flavor since he had it last summer at that Colonial Candies place in Bolton, but hasn't been able to locate it since.

          1. re: brieonwheat

            I'm getting it from them via home delivery (just placed my order for tomorrow!), so I would imagine they have it at the Dairy Bar as well. Mmmmm we're seriously addicted to it.

            1. re: brieonwheat

              I saw graham central station at cherry hill in townsend last weekend

              1. re: hargau

                Thanks guys! There will be an outing this weekend...

          2. Bedford Farms also always had Muddy River - chocolate base with swirls of peanut butter. I got it in Concord, but I'd guess they have it in Bedford as well.

            1. This sounds like a good flavor. Not a quick way to satisfy your craving, but it might be interesting to see if Toscanini's or Christina's would make it for you.

              1. Can we clarify: are you specifically looking for chocolate ice cream with peanut-butter *cups*, or would ribbons or chunks of peanut butter do the trick as well? (For example, my fiancee is VERY specific about only liking cups and chunks; ribbons don't work for her at all.)

                Christina's in Inman sometimes has one with peanut-butter chunks; not sure I've seen one with cups.

                Another option would be looking at somewhere that does mix-ins (would that I could still direct you to Herrell's, sigh) so you could add exactly what you want to exactly the flavour you want. I wouldn't normally suggest Cold Rock, but that kind of thing might be a good short-term solution while you look for a better option.