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Pregnant mama in search of chocolate-based peanut butter ice cream

Hi chowhound experts - I am pregnant and trying to find chocolate-based peanut butter cup ice cream to fix a craving. My friend suggested I post here - would really welcome suggestions. Work in Cambridge, live in Needham and will to drive wherever!
Thanks All!

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  1. I won't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure I've seen that at Kimball Farm.

    1. Crescent Ridge sells this, it's a chocolate ice cream with ribbons of peanut butter fudge. We get it through home delivery but they also sell it at their stand in Sharon. http://www.crescentridge.com/dairy_ba... (although our current obsession is their Graham Central Station flavor, which is graham cracker ice cream with these chocolate honeycomb bits. S'mores in a cup!)

      Cambridge is an area they deliver to, not that you'd want to commit to something like this just for ice cream but especially with a little one on the way, you might be interested in home delivery as a way to make life easier. They deliver all the standard dairy stuff but also frozen meats, breads, pizzas, prepared meals, and even have a veggie CSA. Their lemonade is particularly nice.

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        Ditto for Crescent Ridge delivery - highly recommended!

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          Do they have Graham Central Station now? My husband is also obsessed with that flavor since he had it last summer at that Colonial Candies place in Bolton, but hasn't been able to locate it since.

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            I'm getting it from them via home delivery (just placed my order for tomorrow!), so I would imagine they have it at the Dairy Bar as well. Mmmmm we're seriously addicted to it.

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              I saw graham central station at cherry hill in townsend last weekend

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                Thanks guys! There will be an outing this weekend...

          2. Bedford Farms also always had Muddy River - chocolate base with swirls of peanut butter. I got it in Concord, but I'd guess they have it in Bedford as well.

            1. This sounds like a good flavor. Not a quick way to satisfy your craving, but it might be interesting to see if Toscanini's or Christina's would make it for you.

              1. Can we clarify: are you specifically looking for chocolate ice cream with peanut-butter *cups*, or would ribbons or chunks of peanut butter do the trick as well? (For example, my fiancee is VERY specific about only liking cups and chunks; ribbons don't work for her at all.)

                Christina's in Inman sometimes has one with peanut-butter chunks; not sure I've seen one with cups.

                Another option would be looking at somewhere that does mix-ins (would that I could still direct you to Herrell's, sigh) so you could add exactly what you want to exactly the flavour you want. I wouldn't normally suggest Cold Rock, but that kind of thing might be a good short-term solution while you look for a better option.

                1. My top 4 ice cream places are no particular order.

                  None seem to have exactly what you want, and probably rotate what they are currently selling so you might need to call to see if a particular flavor is on sale that day.

                  On another level would be
                  cold stone,
                  ben jerry

                  1. This isn't quite what you're looking for, but we picked this up at Whole Foods on Beacon Street (Somerville) last week.

                    1. Thank you everyone - this is very helpful. I will take chunks or ribbons of peanut butter swirl in the chocolate ice cream or peanut butter cups or all together.

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                        One of Ben & Jerry's new "core" flavors is half and half peanut butter ice cream and chocolate ice cream, both with mini peanut butter cups mixed in, plus a core of peanut butter fudge. I have not tried this yet. In their scoop shops they also have a chocolate ice cream with a "peanut buttery" swirl, although I mistrust that "peanut buttery" rather than flat-out 'peanut butter."

                        Also, Haagen Dazs has a rich chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter swirl, which I love. Just had some a couple of nights ago, as a matter of fact! The peanut swirl in this is pleasingly salty.

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                          I agree with the Haagen Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter rec. All the local suggestions are good too, but IMO this is better than local versions I've tried, and it's available at most stores that sell HD.

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                            I agree with the Haagen Dazs rec. I've tried the new-ish B&J Core PB one, and it was disappointing. The Talenti is okay. The Haagen Dazs (chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter swirl) is excellent. It also comes in single serving cups, great for those of us with no self-control around peanut butter and chocolate.

                      2. Emack & Bolio's often has it. There's a location at Porter Sq in Cambridge. I'm sure a hand-packed pint will cost a pretty penny though (edit: looks like about $6.20/pint).

                        There's a Hood flavor that's chocolate with peanut butter ribbons. Just don't show her the container--it's a 1/4-less-fat variety: http://www.hood.com/Products/prodDeta...

                        1. My husband had some at the Middleton location of Richardson's a while back. Chocolate with a hearty peanut butter swirl.

                          1. Kimball's has chocolate ice cream with peanut butter ribbons in it. They also have vanilla with small peanut butter cups in it.

                            Cherry Hill Sells Bliss Brothers ice cream and they have it as well http://www.blissdairy.com/Flavor_List...

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                              Kimball's (I go to Carlisle in season, which is now BTW, but it also exists in Westford) is my hands-down favorite chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirls throughout (ask them if it's not on the sign as it is usually available) - no hard chocolate peanut butter cup candies

                              The Haagen Dazs flavor noted above is also really rich and delicious chocolate with just (salty ina good way as noted) peanut butter - the sometimes have it in the kiosk at the Cambridgeside Galleria and in freezer sections of large grocery stores.

                              1. You're in luck - in Needham, Lizzie's has a great dark chocolate, that they will add peanut butter cups to. Also, Volante Farms usually carries Toscanini's chocolate pudding (I think that's it) ice cream, if you don't want to hit the shop in Cambridge.

                                1. Not exactly what you're looking for but PICCO in the South End does a great PB Chip. It's vanilla based, with PB ribbons and chocolate chips. Throw some of their hot fudge on top and it just might satisfy your craving.

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                                    This sounds like one I need to try! Richardsons in Middleton use to make a delicious vanilla based one with slabs of peanut butter and chocolate bits running through it. They discontinued it 2 years ago. Heading to Picco this week!

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                                      Call before you go. They rotate their flavors so it's not always available.

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                                        I will. Thanks for the advice. Checked online earlier and it was there.

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                                      I stopped by Picco's and got a pint of their PB Chip. It's not what I'm looking for. It's peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips. It's ok but not a vanilla based ice cream which is what I would prefer.

                                    3. Talenti brand gelato has an awesome peanut butter cup - chocolate gelato, peanut butter swirl...so good and very rich. I've bought it at Target & Market Basket.

                                      1. Talenti makes a pretty decadently delicious peanut butter cup ice cream:

                                        "Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
                                        We blend our Belgian Milk Chocolate gelato with a rich swirl of creamy, organic peanut butter. Then, we add all-natural mini chocolate peanut butter cups for our take on a flavor everyone loves."


                                        1. Hagan Daz makes a chocolate peanut butter. It's chocolate ice cream with peanutbutter swirls. Had some yesterday - Delish!!

                                          1. Turkey hill is the absolute best. Equals the best designer ice cream.

                                            1. Three twins ice cream sold at Whole Foods has the best peanut butter chocolate ice cream I have ever had. All of their flavors are great and the texture is wonderful too.

                                              1. Ben & Jerry's makes a flavor exclusively for Target called Peanut Butter World. It has a peanut butter swirl, not cups, but is so good I thought I'd let you know about it. I've found it at both the Watertown and Framingham Targets.

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                                                  Is it a chocolate or vanilla ice cream with the PB swirls?