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Apr 29, 2014 07:25 AM

Great value at Boulud Sud brunch

Just had a great brunch at Boulud Sud this past Sunday. Did the prix fixe for $32 and was extremely pleased with what we got for the money. I had a very generous salumi board w/ an assortment of 4 salumi, it would have been enough for 2 people to get a very good taste of everything (but GF is a vegetarian so...). GF had the potato leek soup which she loved. I had the lamb burger which was on the smallish side but IMO the perfect amount for a brunch, nicely cooked and great lamb-y flavor, GF had Fava bean ravioli and it really was entree sized and it was also excellent. Desserts; GF had chocolate lemon tart, she is normally not a chocolate eater but she really like how well the choc worked with the lemon. I had a fantastic dessert of tarragon mousse that after 2 bites I said it could easily be one of those things I end up craving.

Service was outstanding. Will definately be heading back when in the area.

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  1. I was there for Sunday brunch as well. Enjoyed the mezze plate, lamb burger and chocolate lemon dessert. DB was seated nearby. The service was excellent as always.

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      Funny, I ran into DB at DBGB during brunch a few weekends ago. (Literally, as I was walking quickly and almost crashed into him.)

    2. Thanks to both of you for the reports. So far, I have been only to the store next door, which was very good indeed.

      1. Thanks for this report, Spiritchaser. We featured it in the CHOW NY blog here: