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Apr 16, 2004 02:51 PM

HELP! Toque-Anise-Pied de Cochon-Les Remparts?

  • j

First time in Montreal -- very special family dinner for 7 of us -- want something really great -- tired of paying lots for same-'ol-type dinners with just average service and average food.
Any type of food is good...where can we go for a great dinner in Montreal?

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  1. Have you heard about Les Chevres? That would be my #1 recommendation.
    You will not go wrong at APDC
    Toqué has recently moved locations and did not get the most favorable review in the Gazette a week or so ago.
    Have never been to Anise but have heard mostly good.
    Enjoy! And if you get a chance the must do's: St. Viateur or Fairmont bagels, Schwartz's Smoked Meat, raw milk cheese at Hamel in Jean-Talon market.

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      WOW! Thanks, Sue, for all your helpful suggestions and info.
      If you think of anything else, please post here and I will look for your input.
      Thanks, again.