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Apr 28, 2014 10:47 PM

What dairy product did I make?

I've been making plain yogurt for quote some time now so I thought I could experiment. I usually use whole milk and plain yogurt. This last time I also added a pint of cream to the milk before proceeding as usual: heating to 180°, letting it drop to 120°, adding a tiny cup of yogurt, insulating for 8-10 hours.
I was trying to make a richer yogurt.
What I have is the consistency of yogurt but none of the tang. I thought I maybe killed the bacteria somehow but then how did it get so thick?

It tastes kind of like butter.

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  1. Add some lemon and spoon on roasted veggies???

    Cream cheese? Sweet, no tang. Drain in cheese cloth and see what you get.

    1. Sounds similar to mascarpone. Although the thickening agent in mascarpone is usually some form of acid, apparently it can also be made with a culture:

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          I wonder if it maybe is one of these. I've never had either creme fraiche or mascarpone well it's good but I have a lot of it. Almost a gallon cause I usually make gigantic batches of yogurt (we eat a lot)
          Thanks for the link and the advice :)

        2. The tang might develop if you let it sit longer. If not, it sounds like you could also use it like clotted cream on scones with some strawberry jam.

          Just to use it up, look for various recipes that use yogurt or buttermilk and use it for baking things like muffins or making pancakes. .

          1. you made yogurt diluted cream.

            The cultures feast on the milk sugars. Cream contains about half the sugar content as whole milk.

            I agree with the other comments. You made a form of creme fraiche/clotted cream.