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Apr 28, 2014 07:52 PM


Among the restaurants in Philly that you've been to, which ones would you drop everything (eg, change plans, cancel other reservations, etc.) to eat at one more time if you found out they were closing, and why?

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  1. Number one for me would be Spasso in Old City simply for the reason that it was the first restaurant my wife and I ate at when we met. It was also the restaurant we ate at the night I proposed (I did not propose in the restaurant). I could also say Marrakesh for similar reasons.

    As for others, it appears that The Fountain will be closing in its current location and with the uncertainty that it will be reopening in the hotel in the new Comcast building, we plan on visiting it one more time.

    Also on the list would be Vetri, Paradiso, and The Pub (in Pennsauken). Vetri because we would want to experience it one last time. Paradiso because they have been very good to us over the years, and The Pub because I have very fond memories of it from my youth.

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    1. re: Philly Ray

      Nice to read about restaurants other than the usual ones recommended to visitors! The Fountain has been on our to-try list for a while--sounds like we should plan to go soon, before it closes.

      1. re: msiangal

        Yes, do visit the Fountain. It is as close to a sure thing as one can get. As I am hardly a Four Seasons insider I have no knowledge of the timing for the closing of the current Fountain venue. With the hard won and long time excellent reputation of the Fountain it seem strange to me that a new venue would not include a Fountain Room or perhaps clone.

        1. re: Bacchus101

          There is nothing definite about it closing. All the Four Seasons announced was it was not moving to the new hotel (which is two years out at the minimum.) There is nothing stopping JW Marriott from keeping the restaurant/staff/chef. All we know is the new Four Seasons will not have a restaurant named the Fountain.

          1. re: cwdonald

            and the new Four Seasons is at least three years away. Not even worth thinking about now.

    2. That sounds like another way of asking what your top 5 faves are -- (subject to change upon whim):
      Bistrot la Minette(but the chef is leaving)
      Le Cheri
      Spring Mill Cafe
      Also ran: Birchrunville Cafe
      In all cases service was the deciding factor after the wow meal. With the exception of Estia, all others were small and intimate, which is my preference when dining out.

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      1. re: arepo

        not to hijack the thread, but when is the chef leaving Bistrot la Minette? Just had an amazing sparkling wine dinner there two weeks ago.

        1. re: Bigley9

          Already left. Announced in February. Peter is working on a new project and hired a new executive chef.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Any word on when this new project is popping, I'm intrigued and can't wait really!

            1. re: dndicicco

              Just to update - Peter is doing a restaurant in the Fringe Arts building (Columbus Blvd at Race St) called la peg.

            2. re: cwdonald

              I missed a lot of this winter with two surgeries - trying to catch up! Guess I missed a lot.

          2. re: arepo

            I suppose my question and "What are your top 5 faves" could be the same question for some, depending on your definition of faves. For me, the 5 with best food ≠ the 5 with best overall dining experience ≠ the 5 I visit most often ≠ the 5 I would miss most if they were gone!

          3. Morimoto -- I have spent the most time there and both my wife and I have fond memories there. Nothing comes close to its level of sushi in the city.

            Zahav -- All-star chef, I'd be bummed since it's such a fun atmosphere and a star in our culinary scene

            BLM -- I have warm feelings for this place, and think the head chef and his wife are great

            Bibou -- I'm not as big a fan of Le Cheri, so I'd want to do the smaller, BYOB space at least one more time

            Vedge -- Another unique restaurant; places such as Blue Sage and Sprig & Vine don't hold a candle to it

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            1. re: dndicicco

              We loved the omakase at Morimoto and lamb shoulder at Zahav. Haven't been to BLM, Bibou, or Vedge yet, but perhaps they should be moved up our to-try list. Especially BLM, since it appears their spring menu includes cassoulet, which we love!

            2. Probably only two, for entirely sentimental reasons:

              Friday Saturday Sunday and Roberto Cafe: because my sweetie and I had so many of our early dates at each. And I'm sad that a few other places we used to regularly go to are no longer there.

              Okay also Vietnam Palace, because I'd need to have the Vermicelli Combo plate just One. More. Time. My most favorite and epic eat in all of Philly.

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              1. re: sockii

                Vietnam Palace has been on our to-try list for a long time. Problem is, there are so many places we'd like to try in Chinatown that we keep winding up someplace else!

              2. If you're a fan of Marigold Kitchen, this is tantamount to closing...


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                1. re: Philly Ray

                  Actually, we've never been--just hasn't floated to the top of our list yet. But this could be a reason to move it up. Thanks for the tip!

                  1. re: Philly Ray

                    Huh. I've been meaning to go, but I'm not a big fan of 'modern' food, whatever it is. I guess that means I don't know whether I'm a fan or not. On reading the article, I thought, I should go soon, but then I wondered, really? Why? I dunno. Maybe I'm losing my curiosity about new places as I keep enjoying the places I know I like. Hm.