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Apr 28, 2014 03:38 PM

Looking for a Really Moist, flavorful birthday cake in Northeast Philly

I'm trying to find a good birthday cake for my brother. We're on a really tight budget and I rarely have the money to spend on a cake. But I'm sick and since he has Down Syndrome and tends to pick up germs easily, I don't want to risk passing my germs on to him by making him one. I'm trying to find a truly moist, flavorful cake with real, honest to goodness buttercream frosting... not that whipped stuff, and not that disgustingly sweet, grainy, greasy stuff many bakeries try to pass off as buttercream.

Just over the weekend, I tasted a birthday pound cake from the new Oteri's bakery and was very, very disappointed.. it was horribly dry, actually fell apart at the touch, had to take a sip of something with each mouthful just to get it down. Never saw so many half-eaten pieces of cake lying around at a party!

So, if anyone has any suggestions for something decent, I'd be very grateful.

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  1. I know this may sound crazy, but especially with a tight budget, the cakes at Acme are really good. My kids like them as well as any bakery cake. They are moist, and the frosting is creamy, though it is very sweet.

    For a bakery cake not too far from Northeast Philly, I love Weinrich's in Willow Grove.