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Apr 28, 2014 03:07 PM

Greenhouse vents

Hi all, my husband and I are building a 9x7' greenhouse on top of our concrete driveway. It is a lean-to design that butts up to a garage door, so the greenhouse may be entered by its own door or from inside the garage. My question is about vents. We live in eastern NC where the summers are atrociously hot. I plan on this greenhouse being occupied and functional from about late September until about May. Even in those "cooler" months I am concerned about excess heat buildup. We plan on using some screened windows that can be opened, and perhaps an attic vent fan in the highest part of the structure. Any advice on other venting options? Right now I am just hoping the structure stays put through the big storms we are about to have. Thanks, Julia

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  1. If its that hot you are going to want fans. Probaly in and out and maybe two out, one at each end. Lee Valley Tools has a great self opening and closing vent arm for $50. Both are nice. Esp if you are building on concrete your water run off is going to cause a lot of humidity which cause all sorts of problems. Good for bugs,mold and fungus. They don't like moving dry air. Intakes near bottom with metal screens so critters can't get in.