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Apr 28, 2014 02:36 PM

Best Seafood along Oregon Coast

about to visit for first time. freshness and quality are musts. and please include raw bars. small mom and pops just fine

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  1. Can you narrow down the areas that you're visiting?

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    1. re: venice4504

      all i can tell you is that I ll be driving up coastal hwy 101 from the calif state line all the way up to Astoria

      1. re: venice4504

        I'm making the same trip, at least from Bandon to Newport and I'd love some recommendations too.

      2. My favorite restaurant on the coast is Local Ocean in Newport.

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        1. re: porky pine

          Agreed...great food. They also have a great selection in their grocery section if you are staying in a place with a kitchen.

        2. Search the board, there have been several on this the past year.
          Ecola Seafood in Cannon Beach..

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          1. re: Leonardo

            Looking through the board I have come up with

            Saffron Salmon, Local Ocean, and ARR Place in Newport

            Ecolla Seafood in Cannon Beach

            Bell Buoy in Seaside

            Pacific Oyster in Bay City

            1. re: Moon Cake

              Last time at Pacific Oyster, the crab was not fresh. Perhaps thinking they could foist it off on tourists who don't know better. I won't be back.
              Saffron Salmon is good.

          2. In Astoria, the Silver Salmon Grill is my favorite place. I usually want pan-fried Willapa Bay oysters. Check the tide tables. The SSG will have razor clams when they are freshly harvested.

            1. Check out the Jane and Michael Stern article in Saveur from earlier this year (it's probably online).