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Best Seafood along Oregon Coast

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about to visit for first time. freshness and quality are musts. and please include raw bars. small mom and pops just fine

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  1. Can you narrow down the areas that you're visiting?

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      all i can tell you is that I ll be driving up coastal hwy 101 from the calif state line all the way up to Astoria

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        I'm making the same trip, at least from Bandon to Newport and I'd love some recommendations too.

      2. My favorite restaurant on the coast is Local Ocean in Newport.

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          Agreed...great food. They also have a great selection in their grocery section if you are staying in a place with a kitchen.

        2. Search the board, there have been several on this the past year.
          Ecola Seafood in Cannon Beach..

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            Looking through the board I have come up with

            Saffron Salmon, Local Ocean, and ARR Place in Newport

            Ecolla Seafood in Cannon Beach

            Bell Buoy in Seaside

            Pacific Oyster in Bay City

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              Last time at Pacific Oyster, the crab was not fresh. Perhaps thinking they could foist it off on tourists who don't know better. I won't be back.
              Saffron Salmon is good.

          2. In Astoria, the Silver Salmon Grill is my favorite place. I usually want pan-fried Willapa Bay oysters. Check the tide tables. The SSG will have razor clams when they are freshly harvested.

            1. Check out the Jane and Michael Stern article in Saveur from earlier this year (it's probably online).

              1. Just returned from 3 days in Depoe Bay. Our best dinner was at the Saffron Salmon in Newport. It was really terrific. Everything was great from excellent bread, great Caesar salad, delicious salmon with very good sides (and I'm not a big salmon fan!), good desserts, and nice selection of affordable wines. SS is a winner!

                1. Roe in Portland.
                  Not a small mom and pop or a raw bar, though you will eat some exquisite raw preparations.
                  If you go, make sure to get the full chefs tasting menu at the counter, and make your reservation early.
                  Rock Creek in Seattle also has good seafood, and of course there is always Walrus and the Carpenter in Seattle.
                  There are also 2 locations of Taylor Shellfish in Seattle where you can get all sorts of goodies.
                  If you want sushi, Seattle has legendary sushi at Shiros (go when he is working though if you want the full experience). I also have had extraordinary sushi at Sushi Kappo Tamura in Seattle.

                  Good luck, I hope we get more small mom and pop recs, as I do this drive occasionally and continue further south into northern California, always looking for good seafood shacks and such.

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                    Portland doesn't count as "Oregon Coast." And although I love sushi, when I go home to the OC, I am never thinking about sushi. Sushi is mostly frozen and flown in from afar.

                    On my recent trip to Clatsop County, Oregon, I ignored the sushi bar in my hometown and had razor clams, Dungeness crab, halibut, oysters, salmon, shrimp, and white sturgeon, all of it local and not frozen.

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                      I looked back at the original post, then back at mine, then back again and realized: wtf did I even post? Nothing useful in any case haha.

                      Where did you eat all that delicious seafood GH1618? At one place, or many? Or are you saying you ate all that in your hometown? If it's on the route along the coast I'm super interested in hearing about it

                      Kinda off topic but are there locations along the Oregon coast where they fish spot shrimp? Might try stopping at a pier or something and buying some live ones for a snack.

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                        Many places in Clatsop County, mostly Seaside and Astoria. By "shrimp" I mean the small ones which are local on the Oregon coast. I recommend the shrimp ceviche and the crab cakes at the Wet Dog Saloon in Astoria. I didn't see any spot prawns, which I can get in California anyway.

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                          Tiny ones, called bay shrimp. That is the local stuff.

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                          Actually, EatFoodandGetMoney, I did appreciate it as we are heading to Portland and Seattle after the coast. I have been checking their boards as well.


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                          Sushi has an interesting story. Back in the 60s blue fin tuna was cat food. The record price for a single fish last year, the first fish of the year bought is a status thing, was 1.76 million dollars. These fish sold at the market at tskiji in Tokyo are frozen. This year first fish was only about $70,000. I don't know about tuna but hard freezing salmon and halibut kills the visible parasites they carry.

                          Going north into newport before the bridge and on the left is a pretty good place for fish and chips, south beach seafood? They have smoked fish and other things, too.

                          The Tillamook cheese factory is a ways north of there.

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                          Seattle is over 200 miles from Oregon Coast.

                        5. We visited the Oregon coast for the first time in early/mid May this year, from Astoria down to Bandon. We flew into Portland & stocked up there on cheese so many meals were picnics in the room or outside. The coast is -very- touristy in season & knowing that we didn't expect all that much from the food.

                          This covers more than seafood, but here's the list, alpha:

                          Josephson’s Smokehouse: eh
                          Ship Inn: chowder, eh

                          Face Rock Creamery: good curds & horseradish cheddar
                          Tony’s Crab Shack: very good sesame/ginger oysters

                          Cannon Beach
                          Chocolate Café, eh

                          Depoe Bay
                          Tidal Raves: great view but no salmon in their "salmon chowder"

                          Lincoln City
                          Blackfish Café: really good

                          The Schooner: oyster po’boys w/BBQ sauce, mustard seeds & blue cheese: very good

                          Panini Bakery: good pizza for lunch, sourdough crust

                          Roseanna’s Café, 1490 Pacific Avenue: good!

                          Bedrock Restaurant: very eh but nothing else (?) in town

                          Norma’s: good, a bit pretentious, $$
                          Pacific Way Bakery & Café, 601 Pacific Way in Gearhart, 5mn north: good!


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                            Nice post, We've been to many of these, and unfortunately probably the only one we'd return to is Blackfish Cafe in Lincoln City. You probably should have ventured a bit farther north to the Long Island Peninsula/Willapa Bay Washington area. Just a further hour north…especially if you enjoy wonderful fresh oysters from the bay.

                            Two that you should consider next time, both in Newport (just south of Depoe Bay) are Saffron Salmon and Local Ocean. Both have wonderful pristine local fish.

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                              >Two that you should consider next time, both in Newport (just south of Depoe Bay) are Saffron Salmon and Local Ocean.

                              Thanks, yes, those 2 had indeed made our list but for whatever reason we didn't feel like going out for dinner in Newport.

                              > a bit farther north to the Long Island Peninsula/Willapa Bay Washington area. Just a further hour north…especially if you enjoy wonderful fresh oysters from the bay.

                              Ah, great, something to look forward to on the next trip, thanks again. Do we like oysters... hhmmm... Slurp!!

                              That reminds me, I forgot to list Bell Buoy in Seaside. Exceptional smoked oysters, sold from their fish counter (dry smoked, not packed in oil & tinned).


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                                My mistake...it's the Long Beach Peninsula/Willapa Bay for great fresh oysters! Slurp, slurp!

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                                  Do you know about the 5-disc DVD set about Willapa Bay oysters? We saw it for sale at Taylor Shellfish, $65, but didn't buy a copy.